4.5 Things to do before New Years Eve

This is the week where we all start to panic about the Holidays ahead of us.  Have I done enough, bought enough,  have enough to offer the ‘just in case’ family and friends who may just drop in.  Have I sent enough cards, did I do enough this year to feel good about the year behind me and … have I thought enough about the year ahead of me.  It’s just a short 10 days to the next year.  2018!  Ahhhh.  Where did the time go?  So if you are like me,  and want to move into the next year feeling the absolute best you possibly can about yourself and your accomplishments this year.  Here are 4.5 things you should consider as the next 10 days Whirl by all of us.  And BTW, these questions are great questions to ask over dinner or holiday treats with your family and friends.

  • 1.  Looking back at your year, what were your WINS?  Big and small, what are you most proud of?  Think about them all and if you really want to feel good about 2017, write these down.  So look back and pull out a few of the WINS that stand out in your mind.
  • 2.  Over the past 12 months, what were your LESSONS.  Some of our greatest lessons come from the challenges that come our way.  But also some of our great lessons also come from asking for what you wanted.  List these and reflect on what you learned and how they have effected or changed how you move through your days. Notice, Learn, Note (tell someone) and Repeat.
  • 3.  Choose a WORD that will be your North Star for 2018.  A word that reflects what you want next year and what you’ve Learned from last year. Moving forward, align everything your say Yes to and everything you say No to with Your Word.  Here are a few examples of words to choose from:

JOY.  Peace.  LOVE.  Abundance.  ADVENTURE.  Happiness.  MAGICAL.  Ease.      EPIC.  Fun.  ALIVE.  Sacred.  INSPIRED.  Grateful.  FREE.  Liberated.  BRILLIANT.  Cozy. WILD EMPOWERED.  Grounded.  SEXY.  Real.  HEALTHY.  Vibrant.  LIGHT.

Badass.  POWERFUL.   Safe.  LUMINOUS. Forgive

  • 4.  Cast a Vision for 2018.  Write a letter to yourself.  Take 15 minutes before New Year’s Eve and start your letter to yourself with:  Next year I will… and write the letter as if it is written in stone. For example, next year I will take better care of myself, walk in the mornings before I head into work, be more patient with my kids, call more friends instead of just texting them. You get the point. Just take a few minutes and write yourself a letter on how you want to feel next year.
  • 4.5  Now this one is the fastest way to finding more Joy and Peace in your life and is the big bonus for all things moving into 2018.  FORGIVE everyone, everything, all of it, most importantly forgive yourself.  It’s very simple but it’s not easy and forgiving all the bad, not great, mean upsetting things in your life is not about condoning these things, it’s for your own peace of mind.  It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.  Just find a way to let it go.

That’s it. Beth Hanishewski and I just ran a Webinar on this topic and If you are interested in watching it.  Go to our FB group, The Alive Revolution.

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Merry Christmas and I look forward to staying in touch in 2018

Linda Edgecombe

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Linda Edgecombe
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