At the Crossroads

At the Cross Roads

Have you ever…. sat for endless hours and wondered…….“What am I doing?  What do I want?  How might I be a better parent, wife, husband, lover, and friend?  Why is some stuff really bugging me, and other stuff,  I could give a s_  _ t about?”

I have spent the better part of the last 30 years of my life, examining it. Life that is.   For the last 20 of those years, I have not only examined it, I have written about it and been paid to speak  about it.

Maybe, I think to myself in yet more examination that the whole purpose of this crazy experience is to ……just do that.  Be curious.  To just keep pondering, asking questions and trying stuff on.  Perhaps the point is to not get an answer at all,  but to keep the investigation alive.

So as I write,  I am thinking, now that feels right to me. Where I could be doing better in this journey, is in the attitude and execution of the pondering.  I could definitely be a bit more enthusiastic about my curiosity of the gifts of everyday that are given to me.

In my own quest to find out why have I been so funky,  blue, melancholy, whatever you want to describe this constant state of PMS I have been in for the past 3 months,  I am going to just do it with more gusto, enthusiasm and  energy and just be OK with no answers.   Because for now, that is the point.  Only questions, no answers.


 Now speaking of big questions, this week in the US, congress debated over the very controversial issue of Universal Healthcare.  As a Canadian, who knows nothing but Universal Healthcare,  I can’t imagine life without healthcare for all. Even as I begrudge the amount of taxes  I give to all government,  I just can’t get my head around those in the US who are actually voting against it.   Yes it is those of us who make a good living who pay more taxes but quite frankly, that’s the deal.  This too will be a huge change for Americans to get their heads around, but like all changes, it will cycle and before you know it we will be onto the next issue.  A few years down the road,  we will all be saying, “I can’t believe we allowed 47 million American citizens went without proper health coverage.”So what’s to be learned from this big debate?  Well for starters,  there are two sides to this and all stories.  If you are open enough to hear the other side you might find better solutions for your own.  So for this week,  my challenge to you is to really try hard to hear both sides of each situation you find yourself in.  It’s a start and you will be a much more open person for it.

Linda Edgecombe, CSP
Motivational Speaker
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Linda Edgecombe
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