A Few Good Men. Are there any left?

Are there any out there….  The now almost daily unfolding of the another famous male who has been charged with sexual misconduct.  Rape, abuse, harassment etc.,  just makes my heart sink and rise all at the same time. Mad because we are not changing and happy that women are finally speaking up.    I’m exhausted, pissed off and elated, but mostly just sad.  Because this is what my daughters have to look forward to.


I decided in 1976 at the age of 16 that I was going to become a feminist.  I had started noticing  injustices towards women, that, in my mind and disposition, was something I was not going to stand for.  So I signed up and became a card carrying Gloria Steinem feminist.  And it still happened to me.  Rape, abuse, and harassment.

OH “Not me,”  I said.  That will never happen to me.  And when it did, I blamed myself of course, because I had had too many ciders at a party.  “Not me,”  I said,  because I provoked the punch that left knuckle marks on my chin.  “Not me”, I said about the daily touching and creepy behavior from a colleague, because I wore a top that was too tight. Yes it also happened to me…

And in my naive mind, at the age of 24, when I had finally had enough I spoke up.  I thought “the buck stops here?”  This shit had gone on for far too long.  The truth will prevail.  And these Men in my life,  behaviors had gone on long before I ever complained and thus started the landslide of the first ever sexual harassment charges being formally laid by me with in the Civic Employee’s Union in Edmonton.

I’ll just cut to the chase,  I charged a co-worker (both of us Union Employees) with sexual harassment and the City,  the Union and the Human Rights Commission did not know what to do with us.  Everyone had an agenda and I sat there watching him lie in front of my face, losing all my female colleagues who were friends because in 1984 NO ONE wanted to have to deal with this at work.  And of course nothing happened to him.  Something written on his file, whatever that means.  But the wise City did take it upon themselves that all City employees would get ‘Sexual Harassment Training’ and the bonus for me is I got to literally sit in the same room as the asshole who harassed me, and get trained on the subject.  That’s irony.

So here we are 33 years later, and men’s behavior has not  changed, but for some reason,  we women finally have.  The ground swell of women finding their voices and courage to say “ENOUGH!”  Seriously WTF?   And as a mom of two 20 something daughters, I keep asking myself, how do I guide them and help them stay safe?  And I think I’m strong.  The Stats are sickening.  Click here for some straight up numbers on Sexual Violence.


So I have been asking,  what’s actually changed?  Are women speaking more,  yes they are.  But why have the 17 women who spoke up against Trump, not been heard? (Fake Assults)  Why haven’t the over 50 women who were raped by Cosby been heard?  Why did the women who spoke up about Jian Ghomishi get their characters questioned and not his?

So what’s really happening is that corporations are now realizing that if they don’t act quickly and swiftly firing these assholes,  they will lose market share.  So as we (women rise up and speak) know what we are actually affecting is not only the behavior of men but the purse strings who employ them.  So shop wisely moving forward.

Good Men, where are you?  Please start talking.  Start telling your colleagues and buddies who are sexualizing the women in their lives,( co-workers, friends,  spouses and daughters)  to re-think how you ACTUALLY see women. As a human you have this thing called ‘free will’ and you are in charge of how you think, act and feel.  It’s not just your genitals that rule the roost.  We all know the media is not helping but you have a brain and the ability to choose how you want to be with and  see women.  And please teach your sons how they need to re-think how they think about and see females in their lives as well.

So where to from here?  This Friday, some amazing women in my life, and I are filling bags for homeless and vulnerable women in the Okanagan where we live.  It’s one way for me to take back some control and give back where help is needed.  And as a Professional who is in the “Positivity” business, I need something to show me that there is still some light in the darkness that seems to be more than just the norm these days.  What will you be doing to wrap up 2017 and opening up to in 2018 to lift up the human experience so we all can feel hopeful ringing in the New Year?

PS.  I have been avoiding chiming in on this topic for months now. I guess I decided today that I just didn’t want to be so angry and needed to get it on virtual paper.  So after this morning’s news with the firing of Matt Lauer,  I just couldn’t stay quiet anymore.

PPS. For the record, I do know there are good men out there but not enough who are willing to stand with women and voice their intolerance.

Linda Edgecombe


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Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame

7 thoughts on “#metoo

  1. Excellent Linda, I too have had enough. I am supporting the Joy Smith Foundation, to fight against “human trafficking” . I have been to see her speak and educate and I am in awe of all the wonderful work this organization is doing. I listened and I shared with my Colleagues and students at a College I work at. I also donated money towards this worthy cause.

    1. That’s awesome Gail. I too run a charity where we have been rescuing girls from Trafficking for the past 12 years. And am now supporting homeless women in the Okanagan. Thanks for reading my piece today.

  2. Thank you Linda. You speak truth. There is so much I could say. Yet not sure where to begin. What I will say is that education and awareness is key to bringing an end to violence at work, on the side walk, on the playgrounds, and in the homes. It’s why I have topics on healthy relationships when I work with tween and teen girls. I hope justice comes to the ones who are found guilty. And that the victims can find peace and healing.

  3. Thank you Linda…I know that your last name comes with an ‘edge’ and I know this can go both ways…yet your ‘edge’ takes the highroad to go ‘positive’ and I know, how much your outlook is contagious when you are with people..thank you for sharing your vulnerability and your openness…I think there are way more of #metoo’s, then we would like to know, nevermind to believe…please keep reminding us that we do have a voice that is worth to be heard…and not to be hurt…<3

  4. Yes, Linda, it seems like the winds of change are blowing on this issue. Each time another man is hauled to the carpet, which lately has been almost every day (today it’s Gregg Zaun of Sportsnet), I bring it up in the classroom where I teach and discuss the issue with my students. Most of the students are women and they’ve shared some of their horror stories with me. You say that both the behaviour of men and the corporate bottom line are being affected. Sad to say, it’s the bottom line that really makes the difference, but so what, as long as the change happens.

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