Thrive in the Office

8 Tips to Help You Thrive in the Office This Week

Just before you get into the 8 Tips….don’t forget about the 18 things to Just DO at any age!!!!…..

1. Ride the world’s largest roller-coaster – Dare to keep your eyes open and hands up in the air the whole ride

2. Bungee Jump! – Scared?

3. Score the winning goal/basket – Remind all your friends at every given opportunity

4. Win an award, trophy or prize – Write that acceptance speech and thank the world

5. Learn an instrument – No air guitar

6. Go back stage at a gig – It’ll be something you’ll boast about for years to come

7. Meet you idol – Being a celebrity stalker might not go down too well

8. Play a part in your favourite TV show – Be an extra and learn to speak without talking

9. Meet someone with your own name – With a world population of 6 billion it should be easy

10. Make a discovery – Whatever the discovery, make sure it’s named after you

11. Get away with the perfect practical joke – Be careful of retaliation, it could end in fears

12. Own a pointless collection – One person’s junk is another person’s prize possession

13. Invent a word that makes it into the dictionary – Make it a part of your crew’s lingo

14. Conquer your biggest fear – If you’re too scared, try hypnotism

15. Raise money for charity – Get some exercise be signing up for a charity road race

16. Pass your driving test the first time – Go straight to the next task

17. Complete a road trip coast to coast – Only 7,821km from Victoria to St John’s NFld

18. Reach 18 105 years for age healthy and happy

8 tips to help you Thrive in the Office this Week

1. Sort E-mail Fast: Use the folders or file system built into your e-mail program instead of keeping lots of e-mails in your inbox. If you already have a large amount of e-mail to deal with, learn to use the “sort” feature in your e-mail program to your advantage.

2. Just Do It: Get in the habit of re-filing things after you use them instead of setting them down and creating a pile. For easy access to pending paperwork, create a small desktop file, organized by project, with “expiration” dates on each folder to let you know when to file it or throw it away.

3. Eliminate Post-It Clutter: Tape down post-its around your monitor to keep important information close at hand, and keep only a few so that they don’t create a visual distraction. If you hang post-its to remind you to do things, consider getting used to the task pad, to-do’s, or calendar in your PIM program instead.

4. Leave Work When You Leave the Office: To feel more “finished” when you leave the office, organize your thoughts for the upcoming day. Whether in a computer program or on a physical pad of paper, keep a list of priorities. Make sure you update the list, then close the pad or program before you leave the office.

5. Keep Things Visible: It’s great to keep things looking neat, but if it’s too easy to hide a mess, the mess will just grow. Consider more visible options, such as a set of file folder trays, and desktop organizers to keep things close at hand and well sorted.

6. Mail Clutter: Incoming mail is one of the largest sources of clutter. Toss junk mail immediately, before it has the chance to hit your desk. Keep catalogues or flyer’s that look interesting by storing them in a single place (such as a small basket or tray) to make them available for browsing when you’re ready — and clean it out often!

7. Everyone Helps:Make organizational maintenance everyone’s responsibility. Create — and enforce — the rule that if someone gets something out to use, that person is responsible for putting it back.

8. Move your body. Get about 15 minutes of movement in everyday and try and do that 2-3 times a day. You will thrive and have more energy than you thought possible.

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