Staying Motivated in Small Business

9 Tips For Staying Motivated In Small Business

Staying Motivated in Small Business, by Linda Edgecombe 

First and foremost, know as a small business owner, you tend to be fairly alone in your work. So take the responsibility of creating some motivating habits.  Motivation is ONLY about physics.  It’s about inertia.  So move on some better habits and let inertia move you along.

1.   Be honest with yourself and look at the habits that have gotten you to where you are.

 2.   Take some time and jot down what it is that you really value in your work and home life.  And bring those Values down to your top 3 or 4.

3.   On your calendar, write out those values so they are front and center.  Perhaps post them on your wall or around your computer in your office.

4.   Make the bulk of your decisions daily based on those values.  You will be surprised and relived how light you will feel as you navigate your day.

5.   Look at the routines you have created (daily habits).  E.g. I am most productive and motivated when I take myself for some exercise first thing each day.  Then shower and get ready for the day (if I look great, I am way more driven and motivated)  Again, because I work by myself, I can easily work in sweatpants and my hair in a pony tail)  so just be more aware of how you start your day.

6.   DO NOT start your day with emails.  Start your day with a more creative task for your business. 

7.   Then attack the big boulder projects, then get to emails.  Choose to “own the pause” on your emails.  You DO NOT need to respond immediately to emails and calls. 

8.   Know, all of the above,  is the habits you are or have created.

9.   Celebrate the small benchmarks along the way. Because if you are waiting to arrive at “There” you will never celebrate.   And after a while you will realize that “Finding THERE” is only the benchmarks. 

How do you stay motivated? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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