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7 Ways to Heal a Busy Brain and the Human Attached to it

IF 7 Ways to Heal a Busy Brain and the Human Attached to it | Self-imposed Busyness is literally making us sick.

Most of the time, we manufacture urgency in hopes that it will create urgency in others. Instead, it only creates anxiety, resentment and spite. This is absolutely counter-productive. And even in the cases where the urgency is real, it’s often due to a packed schedule that we created.

All of this made me wonder:

Why would grown adults, with a brain and two opposable thumbs, decide to voluntarily create stress in his life? 

I found the answer, and it’s not pretty.

Number one:  We get our Egos stroked for being busy.  You get to hear “How do you do it?”  or “Wow, that’s amazing”  or even better,  “Poor You!”  

But even more revealing and sad:

Number two: We are afraid of ourselves.

In North America, we are defined by what we do. Our careers. What we produce. It’s the first question asked at parties, and often the first tidbit of information we share with strangers. The implication is that if I am not busy doing something, I am somehow less than. Not worthy. Or at least worth less than those who are producing something.

Now, before you start to think this is just one persons opinion,  in a recent study published in the Journal of Science.  In one experiment, participants were left alone in a room for up to 15 minutes. When asked whether they liked the alone time, over half reported disliking it.

In subsequent studies, participants were given an electric shock, and then asked if they would pay money to avoid being shocked again. Not surprisingly, most said they would trade money to avoid pain. However, when these same people were left alone in a room for 15 minutes, nearly half chose to self-administer an electric shock rather than sit alone with their thoughts.

You read that right.

So think about this.  We don’t know how to just “Be”, combined with our Egos being stroked by all the feedback we get because we have so much going on.  We are truly missing out on the peace and beauty that lies within ourselves.  I have said this before; we need to Disconnect to Re-engage.   I wrote in “Self Care Tips for highly Stressful Times” the critical tips to start today.

1.  First decide you want to change the pace of your life.  

For some of us, the pace at which we live, serves us, we get great feedback, it keeps our egos on track and feel,  that we are doing what social norms require us to do.

2.  Eat right for your brain.

You already know this, so start with adding one great brain food to your day.  Whole grains, oily fish, blueberries, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and broccoli.

Tune-up your brain chemistry with supplements, B vitamins are essential.

3.  Take a deep breath

Yes, we all breathe without even thinking about it. However, we all mostly don’t breathe properly. Deep breathing helps in the better delivery of oxygen to your body’s cells, along with nutrients in your blood stream. As well, it helps in the process of carrying away toxins via your lymphatic system. If you do not detoxify properly, which proper breathing does, you become susceptible to weight gain, muscle loss, inflammation, and yes, fatigue! Try it out, take a couple of deep breaths, you will automatically feel better, and more awake instantly.

4.  Drink water

If you aren’t drinking plenty of water by now, you should! This may be the reason why you are feeling tired. Juice, soft drinks and the likes aren’t what you should be consuming if you are tired. You see, dehydration reduces the blood volume, which creates fatigue.

5.  Get up and move!

Sometimes our fatigue is caused by inertia. Especially when you have to work at a computer or sitting at a desk all day. Movement, any type of movement is exercise! Moving your body creates an increased blood flow, which in return increases your energy and defeats fatigue.

6.  Listen to music

Whenever it’s too quiet, we tend to get bored very easily. Being bored leads to fatigue. So turn up the radio, or pull out your iPod and start listening to your favorite tunes.

7.  Laugh a little or even more better,  A LOT!

Laughter has a lot of benefits, such as releasing higher levels of endorphins, which make you feel better. This also sweeps away any feelings of being tired. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that even the anticipation of laughter increases endorphin levels.

Share this with anyone you know who needs to create more “just being” spaces in their life.  Let me know what you do to give your brain a break and re-energize yourself.

Linda Edgecombe, CSP
Motivational Speaker
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