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Accountable Leadership Starts Very Close to Home

Accountability, as a new way of living, has become very in Vogue.  It seems we really desire a life of significance and have not quite figured out where or how to start living that way.

Since 2004, at every presentation I have given, I have been almost evangel in my desire to get the word out.  I know I have always been a goal setter, but kept falling short in a few areas of my so-called-life.  I have been amazed how being accountable is such a simplistic process.  It’s not about check lists and prison guard bosses who hover over us to make sure we are on track.  It is about showing your staff and your teams that simply by writing down on paper our goals and desires and setting some reasonable time lines, coupled with a weekly check in to chat about progress makes for amazing results.

So where do you start? Take an honest snapshot of your life. Don’t just take “your best side” and smile at the pretty picture in the frame; use the wide lens and take yourself, warts and all. Record all that is good, all that could use some improvement, perhaps even a few things that need a little tweaking.

It’s amazing how long we can go just seeing ourselves as we want ourselves to be: the capable, helpful, together, hip, cool, friendly, gracious, selfless soul who’s always up for just one more favour, task, role or duty. Meanwhile we’re frazzled to the breaking point, lacking sleep and showing it on every inch of our puffy, sleep-deprived faces. While in our fantasy lives we picture ourselves as king or queen of the prom, but  in reality we walk around like the lead zombies in our very own soap opera! Oh the drama of it all.  Do you ever just get tired of hearing the same old story that keeps coming out of your mouth?

I know, I know; it’s hard to trust the photographer when you’re the one taking the picture. So don’t; ask friends and family for an honest assessment of you as well. Then ask yourself the following eight questions to help discover the true you hiding underneath that big, heaping pile of duties:

1.      How would your friends describe you in each of the roles you play?

2.      How would you describe yourself?

3.      Which of these roles energize you?

4.      What roles would you like to drop if you could?

5.      Can you re-define yourself in any of these roles?

6.      Are you truly yourself when you play these roles and are you more YOU in some than in others?

7.      Why is that?

8.      What are some common values you find shine when you are more yourself in any of these roles?

The reason I started my latest book with this lesson is because you really can’t go forward unless you know who’s taking the journey. In other words, you can only be successful when you know who and what you are.

Now What?

So here are my final thoughts on Accountability.   The key to a balanced life is one that looks at and moves forward on all parts of our lives.  We tend to be pretty good at making goals for our careers.  Some because we have to and some because we want to, but most executives and staff who I’ve spoken to admit in private to me that their work goals, really are not THEIR goals.

Where we have fallen short in our lives is we don’t address the multitude of things we want to accomplish in the other 72 hours we have to fill each week.  The time we call “Home Life”.   My challenge to you is, should you decide to take it on, is to email me with your next weeks “To-Do’s” They must be in my inbox by Monday at noon.  Choose a couple of your to-do’s to move you towards one or two of your larger annual goals.

If you are really keen to get more focused, and create a life that has True Meaning for you, find a handful of colleagues or friends, email me and have me send you out “The Guilt Free Accountability Success System” and get your group going.  You will email once a week to each other and meet once a month to discuss how it’s going.

The cost is minimal and the results are truly amazing. Click here to order your copy of “The Guilt Free Accountability Success System

Where in the World do you want to go? It is time to Shift or get off the pot!

Linda Edgecombe, CSP
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Linda Edgecombe
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