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Admit Your Ability

On our Journey to become the best we can be, this week’s question:

Admit your ability. What are you good at? What do you do that is better than most people? What is your single greatest strength?

So in reflecting on these questions, it might feel like you are bragging, but really, if you want to move in a direction that is best for you, you need to be clear on what you are really good at. So you can then create more of that. It’s a big question to ponder “what is your greatest strength?” I found it helpful to reflect on my values here. What is that you really take heed in? Is it your health, family, financial freedom, your relationships, running a successful business. I guarantee you that if you align your values with what your are really good at….. You my friend, are living a GREAT life!

Like you, I often get sent various feel good notes and slideshows from my sisters, friends and colleagues. And maybe because I am a “professional motivator”, I have become a bit of a cynic, but this morning while I was cleaning out my emails, I came across a slide show that one of my sisters, Diane had sent me well over 3 months ago that I had not looked at yet, so I opened it. I have to say that the quotes are refreshing, the photos a must see and I could do without the music. It’s well worth your 3 minutes to have a look at this slideshow. Enjoy!

Lessons in Life Slideshow

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