Building Positive Culture


On Monday I spoke at School District No. 73, Kamloops and surrounding area.  There were 1600 people in attendance. Their theme of the day was building positive culture. Or as the Superintendent Dr. Sullivan put it “how we do things around here.” I thought that way of defining culture was perfect.  So is it possible to build positive culture? Of course it is. First you need to set an intention to do it. Then let your troops know the direction you plan on going. Cut off any negative behavior or energy right in its tracks and before you know it,  positive culture will start to show it’s face more often than not. Then, you will also be saying to anyone new on the scene. “That’s how we do things around here”

Below is some artwork by a grade 10 student and because I spoke about our project in Nepal, her teacher forwarded it to me and let me display it for you. Enjoy!  Think about hosting a scarf sale at your workplace this fall.  These girls will forever be changed by your efforts.

Brighter Life- Art for Change    

By: Grade 10 Students in School District 73 Kamloops BC






My artwork represents how educated women can help lead other women out of poverty into brighter futures. In many countries, women are often oppressed, uneducated, or sold into prostitution, but if even a few women are empowered, they can change these conditions for others. The region which I was trying to represent is Nepal. I did this by incorporating the mountainous landscape. From this project, I learnt that in a survey of Nepalese women ages twenty to forty-nine, sixty percent were married as children. These early marriages are a contributing factor to the lack of education for girls in Nepal. However, education could break the cycle of poverty, early marriages, and lack of education. The colours represent the difference education can make in women’s lives, and how important their education really is.

Send me a photo of “What does THERE look like for  you?” We are all going after THERE. What does yours look like?

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