Let Me Be Clear, One More Time…

I know I have been on this Clarity topic for the past few weeks, but I am finding that most of my clients are not clear at all. It’s no wonder we can’t figure out why we are not truly happy and genuinely satisfied in our lives.  Here are some really simple steps to take to finally declare what is it you really want.

1. Take time to pause from the chaos

If you are reading this, you have taken the first step. You will need a pen and some paper for the short but very effective exercise.

Just listen to your gut/intuition.  You really are the master of what you really want and on some level you do know this. 

2. Get specific!

This is where the work begins.  I need you to declare what it is that you want.  Write down these headings:

Work Health Relationships Mental/Spiritual Being

Below each heading you need to identify what parts of these aspects in your life are energizing to you and what or who is draining in your life.

So you will end up with specifics in each of these four categories.  For example: Work

You find email draining but love your staff meetings where you can show off how creative you are.

3. Relationships

You have some friends who lift you up and others who are always negative and bring you down.  You need to be honest with yourself and list those.

Once you have done this exercise, make a list of your top 20 things you want in your life. 

4. Answer this question:  “What are you tolerating in your life?”

This could be anything from poor service from one of your suppliers. But you keep on using them because they are friends of the family to your own physical health.  You know you would feel better if you walked a few more times each week, but you just tolerate feeling sluggish.

5. Make a Decision!

This is where we all need to put on our big girl or big boy undies.  Decide right now how you want to lead and live your life.  And decide to elliminate what is draining in your life.  Move forward using your clearer vision of what you want your life and work to look like.

6. Tell people your decisions 

When we share how we want to be in the world,  the world tends to help us get there. 

And only share the new clearer you moving forward.  If you use social media in your work and home life,  only post things that align with what it is you really want.  Remember Clarity Perpetuates Clarity.

7. Align your “To Do” list with what you want

When you make the choice of what to do next (or today), in a sea of things that all feel very important, size up your options against that list of things you want. (You made that list, right?) When the actions we take are consistent with what we want in our work and our lives, we don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. We feel aligned. Ahhh.

8. Make a “To Don’t” list

Make a list of things you have agreed to do recently and then regretted. Make this your “To Don’t” list. Commit to yourself that you will not put these items on your “To Do” list, again!

Tell me how this exercise helped you!

Linda Edgecombe, CSP
Motivational Speaker
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Linda Edgecombe
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