Family Matters

Family Matters

I spent the past 6 days with my family in Edmonton, Alberta celebrating my Mom’s 75th birthday. It involved three sisters, one brother, a few meetings about the menu details, along with my Dad’s credit card. Mix in about seven salads, two hams, four dozen fresh buns from the Portuguese bakery, an invite list of about 50 people and it’s a party!

The back yard was decorated, punch bowls filled and grandchildren all instructed to purchase grandma a nice charm for her new Pandora bracelet.  I was in charge of the “do you remember” trivia questions for the party’s program.  All I can say is- it was a blast!  We laughed, reminisced, laughed some more,  ate a ton of salad and are still eating it today (the 6th day of the family reunion).  Even as I write this the remaining family still here; Mom, Dad, sister diane, sister sue and I are on the back porch of my Mom and Dad’s cabin at Pigeon lake now on our 3rd pot of coffee,  still reminiscing. I hope and wish all of you can have a family reunion like the one I just had or at least a reasonable facsimile. 

We all came to the realization last night around the campfire with some popcorn, good wine and country tunes from CFCW out of Camrose, that although we had a few hiccups growing up as parents and kids, we have all turned out pretty great.  We still like each other and laugh constantly.  I feel blessed this morning as I write this note to you all.  I sure hope you have an opportunity to connect with the ones in your life who really mean something to you.  With that said, this weeks kick in the butt is to go have coffee,  make a phone call or at least send an email to someone you haven’t connected with for a while and who would appreciate the visit!

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Back to the porch for me…

Have a great week!

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