Happy Camper

Well here I am getting ready for what is known in my family as the best week of the year.  It’s not Christmas in July, there isn’t a birthday this week and none of us will be sleeping on a comfortable bed either.  For the past 22 years my family, along with eight other families, have planned, packed and hauled more than any family really needs into our boats, drove 2 hours north of Kelowna and backed up in to Shuswap Lake.  Then, we hop in our boats and drive these floating shipments about 30 more minutes north to what is known as “the narrows” or actually known as Cinnamousun Narrows Provincial Park.  Only access is by boat.  AKA:  no power anything, and more importantly, no showers or flush toilets.

Then we unload all that we have brought and set up camp for the next week of fun in the sun. Boating, tubing, BBQ’s and more stories than our children can remember. We have taken our girls to some great spots on the planet.  Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean and Majorca, Spain and they always say the best holiday we ever take is Camping at the Narrows, on Shuswap Lake.  I was full term on my due date with Chloe my oldest camping at the narrows.

For the past several years now, we host a “cook off” on Saturday, which involves cooking to a theme including a beverage and a game for all to compete in.  Well to say the “Edgecombe’s” are competitive is an understatement.  We take the challenge very seriously every year for the coveted trophy (purchased at Value Village).  We have won it 5-6 times since we started.  This year’s theme is the “Mayan End of the World 2012”.  So each family must cook a dish for all of us to enjoy that would be the food that you would want to eat if the world was coming to an end.   I am thinking that “healthy” is not going to be a big factor this year.

I will let you know how we do when I get back.

Now here is my point:  Kids across North America were asked many years ago,  what are your best memories of growing up? What they revealed was the strongest and best family memories that were consistently listed were CAMPING.  More stories are created out of camping than any other adventure or activity. 

So people, go and get your camp face on.  Blow up an air mattress, find a stove, bring some good wine, hot chocolate and do not forget the marshmallows!  You and your families will have forever created the best memories and stories to tell for years to come.  Well, beyond the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar, December 21st, 2012.  

Bring sunscreen, bug spray and extra TP-trust me on this one.

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Linda Edgecombe
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