Help! I Have Fallen’ Off the “Wellness” Wagon and Can’t Get Up

Workouts and healthy eating plans fallen by the wayside, replaced by curling up on the couch with a bag of chips and an ice cream chaser or better yet a wine chaser? Feeling a little blue, more because of the promises made to yourself to be more physically fit, put the right foods in your body and be positive in 2012, than because of the Gopher predicting six more weeks of winter.

Snow, Snow, Snow… I can’t take it anymore! Well you are not alone. Franklin Covey Survey reveals of the 0ver 15,000 people polled more than 35 percent of people break their resolutions before the end of January. Of the those, 40 percent attribute their short fall to being too busy and 33 percent to not actually being committed to the goals they set. One thing for sure is life will always be too busy. In fact, if you ask most people how they are doing, what’s there answer…..”Busy”. It’s not too late! Just because you may have slipped in the last while doesn’t mean you have to wait until New Year’s Eve 2010 to get back on track. It’s time to get over yourself and recommit.

Best-Selling Author and Accountability Expert Linda Edgecombe, says it is never too late to begin to “shift” your current habits. “Most of us are the same, we commit to something and we are great for a while. We simply are just a result of our habits. Our habits define who and what we are. In her latest book “Shift…or get off the pot! Simple truths about getting a life” she reveals some very simple and very helpful tricks to keep your own momentum going. The trick is to basically get back up on the wagon and the it’s the wagon that’s moving forward that you want. Edgecombe says a couple of quick shifts you can do to resume your resolutions are:

1. Don’t over think what it is you want to accomplish. Keep the “don’t think” attitude going every time you try and talk yourself out of moving on something. Repeat to yourself over and over again. “Don’t Think! Don’t Think! Don’t Think” And don’t think yourself right out the door.

2. Because our habits are such an intrinsic part of who we are, then you must always do something on a Monday. Because if you do something on a Monday, you will tend to do something on a Wednesday maybe even Friday. But if you wait till Wednesday, that tends to turn into Saturday and usually gets pushed off into next week.

So as you eye up the wagon you have fallen off of this month. Don’t think and get back on moving towards some of your goals this year.

Linda Edgecombe, CSP
Motivational Speaker
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Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame