Momentum: How to get it, keep it and use it

Re-Set Greater Challenges

Perhaps the easiest thing to do to get momentum rolling for your team is to keep raising the bar.  No matter how your team is doing,  push harder and set some goals that make folks reach.  You need to keep moving the goal posts further out.  That’s why everyone loves the underdog.

For sports  and work teams,  keep the new goals attainable and in line with what got you started—and make sure they fit in with the overall vision you have already created.

Review Individual Efforts

“Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work,” Super Bowl-winning coach Vince Lombardi once said. Individual efforts within your organization helped create the initial momentum, and they will be crucial to helping maintain it.

In addition to establishing new corporate goals, meet individually with each player on your team. Evaluate their contributions for the previous momentum push and outline the next steps needed from him or her to keep things accelerating. Also gauge their perspective of where things were, where they are now and where they are going to keep an active read on the momentum pulse of your team.


You do not want to be a taskmaster, constantly pushing people to the brink of exhaustion, to keep momentum. Give  your team a break when appropriate to prevent burn out.

Just be wary of too much of a break:  too much time off can also alow your team to loose it’s spark.  We see this all the time during playoffs of professional sports when one team has a longer break between games.


Something started the momentum you are experiencing. While you may not be able to completely recapture what created the initial buzz, you can facilitate events that will remind your team of what got them here.

Holding corporate outings, retreats, training sessions, rallies and team-building exercises on a regular basis will rekindle the original vision and purpose of the team, helping further a sense of excitement and keep your pace.

Recognize and Reward

Being a part of something big can get anyone excited and build momentum. But once the newness is gone, catering to the individual can keep things rolling for your team. Celebrate victories that have been hard-earned to generate the momentum by rewarding your team, either with symbolic accolades or real value awards.

Offer ongoing incentives for team members who routinely go above and beyond and recognize their efforts on an organizational-wide basis. Not only will it encourage recipients to continue their efforts, but others will be motivated as well.


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