Motivation…Go Directly to Page 129 and answer the question there…

Motivation does not come from anyone ever blabbing at you. It is all about physics, it’s about the inertia you get when you simply start something. So this week I literally want you to put one foot in front of the other and move into something. In my book “Shift…or get off the Pot”

(click here ), I have written on the very first page to go directly to page 129 and answer the question there and then you can come back and get on with the book.

I do this because I want to prove, to you the reader, by just moving on something that has meaning for you will have a snowballing effect and you will experience how easy it is to actually get on with some things you really want to. So as we move into 2010 this week here is the question you need to answer. Make your answers timely for this week and I guarantee that you and your energy will shift into gear for the start of the New Year.

Here is the question: “If you were given, not if you could find, but you were given two extra hours in a day to do anything you wanted but can NOT do anything that is job or career related, what would you do with that time?”

Try and get 3-5 things down on paper. Now look at your list of things and choose one you will move on within 2 days, and write down that date. And to really add some ‘motivational movement’ on your item, you must email me with the to-do task. Even if you don’t get to it, still email me at: [email protected]

I will again, guarantee that you will see a change in how you see your life outside of work when you start to move on the things you really want to do. So now go and give yourself permission to get off of the Deferred Life Plan.

One of your goals for 2010 should be to laugh more. We have all gone through a trying year on various levels and when you nurture your own ‘funny’ you arm yourself with better health, skin, friends and most importantly energy. So I have chosen a funny clip from “This Hour has 22 Minutes” for you to be as healthy as possible in 2012. Enjoy!


Linda Edgecombe, CSP
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Linda Edgecombe
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