Perfectionism is Just a Disease we Have to Get Over

I have always stated that there are two types of perfectionists.  And perfectionism is a disease we just have to get over.  It is all based on insecurity, if we weren’t insecure about something, we would just leave it alone.

The first type of perfectionist is a person who has high standards for themselves and the second type is a person who has high standards for themselves and everyone else around them.

The second type tends to live a lonely life as they find everyone around them backs away because they can’t measure up and quite frankly,  life is messy.  So they will tend to live a life of disappointments.

Being Too Neat Wastes Time

For some of us organizers, time is as precious a commodity as clean space. Spending time obsessively colour coding a filing system, or moving things from one pile to another, or sorting underwear into piles of weekday versus weekend wear just doesn’t make sense.  According to me, (a not very organized person) Duh! Just get it in the right drawer, now that’s organized!

Messy Is Not The Same As Disorganized

If you know where documents are on your desk, what difference does it make if the corners line up at sharp angles? Many times, people with a messy work environment are more efficient because they don’t spend time filing, and then finding the same piece of paper several times a day.

According to me again, we are more creative and can relax our minds to find innovative answers when piles and bits of paper do not distract us in our sight lines.  Bottom line is; if the system you currently use is working for you,  fly at it.  If not, choose what you need to do to be the most effective, relaxed and creative person you want to be.  And don’t beat yourself up trying to be neater or easier going.

A Case For Rolling Up Your Sleeves To Clean: This Is For Your Work Or Home Team

An honest assessment is needed to get you started.   I want you to open up every closet at home and at work.  Ask yourself, do you like what you see?  Would you be embarrassed if all your closets were left open and storage room doors taken off, and a bunch of friends are coming over to your house?  Or at work, some of your most cherished clients or potential clients are coming for a meeting.

Where To Start

For Home:  What your junk drawer says about you.

I need you to pick an hour to do this task.  You will need a garbage bag and access to your recycling box.  Pull out the junk drawer and just look at what’s in it.  All the gadgets, pens, pencils, twist ties, coupons, etc.  And on every item, do the 6-month test.  Have you used this item in the past 6 months?  If not, chuck it, recycle it or give it away.

When you have difficulty throwing something out, even though you have not used it for over 6 months, there are deeper issues holding you back.

Once you have done this task.  Thoroughly clean out the drawer and wash any inserted organizer trays and put back the items that passed the 6-month test.

Whala!  Now just make a few notes in your journal about how you feel cleaning out that one drawer.

For Work:  I would like you to do the same thing if you have one of these drawers or closets or rooms in your office.

Quite frankly you need open, organized space to be creative and engaged. End of story!  It is time to ‘spring clean’ even if it’s November.  That means, every closet at work (and/or home) needs to be opened and left open until you dung it out. You also need to clean out your files on your computer. Perhaps at one of your next meetings you can have a quick discussion as to why we hold onto ‘stuff’ that no longer has value to you.  What else at work are you holding onto that no longer has value?  For example: old files, promo material, old campaigns, old material on your company website, policies that were written back in the 80s or worse, earlier.

If you are not quite convinced on why you should de-clutter here are just a few more reasons.  According to journalist Patricia Cook from Associated Content, she sites five good reasons why we could all use a good dunging out.

  1. It looks better when you are done
  2. You save time, not having to find things in the clutter
  3. You become more productive, see number two
  4. Being organized saves you money, and sometimes makes you money. Have you ever found coupons and gift certificates in a pile of papers?
  5. Most important reason to dung out, it gives you an emotional lift

Have a great week!

Linda Edgecombe, CSP
Motivational Speaker
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Linda Edgecombe
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