Power House Foods and Fun!

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Well we are now into February and for many of us,  our focus to keep to our “healthy” living plan may have loosened a bit.  I have included for you this week, some power house foods and easy tasks to keep you energized and moving.

Power House Foods and Fun!

Tips to do a quick re-energize

Bananas – a lack of potassium can lead to fatigue – but bananas, especially good in smoothies, give an instant potassium boost.

Yogurt – the protein found in this favourite lasts for hours – and when you add your favourite fruit, you’ll feel the energy sooner.

Smiling – studies have conclusively demonstrated that those who smile and are positive have more energy, live longer and enjoy life more.

Water – yes, water, with or without a zest of lemon or lime,

Moving – get out for a walk, run or swim.  Get some oxygen in your blood system.  Wear a hat and take water.

Dung out a closet – yes as mentioned from my Boost Article, this activity will literally make you feel lighter.  So pick one and clean it up.

Laugh – go and see a good funny flick.  Or visit some friends who make you laugh.

Whole-Grain Pasta/bread – carbohydrates boost energy.

Kiwi fruit/strawberries – with twice the Vitamin C of an orange – kiwi feeds the energy production cycle and boosts your immune system.

A nap – yes that afternoon nap can and does build energy – treat yourself to a peaceful hour’s sleep. Nothing more or it will affect you sleep tonight.

Don’t over-book your social calendar – we tend to overdo the social life, depending on the season, so take a break once and a while

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