Re-Set Story: Family Time and Helping Others

 I went home after the conference and shared the story of the girls in Nepal with my 9 and 11 year old as well as showed off my new scarf! My daughter and I will be sharing it this winter with a promise to think about how we can pay it forward to someone else.  My son shared with me a story he connected with from school about a young boy who worked in the factory from the age of 3 that was eventually killed suspiciously at the age of 12.  I was amazed at his attention to detail when explaining the story as he is usually a boy of few words! He really understood the meaning of the story and openingly shared how it made him feel…thanks for that.

I challenged them both to do something nice for someone else the next day and they challenged me right back….at dinner that night we all had a story share about how helping others really is rewarding. 

What I have done since we met….I have spent special one-on-one time with my son and daughter separately, finished a book and spoiled the dog by taking him for a long walk…. even let him off of the leash in the woods, which was a first! He was my best buddy for the rest of the day and it took 3 hours for my butt to thaw! 

I did everything I had on my list and loved it! I even took time out on the sofa with my hubby doing what he likes….making quick decisions by clicking the remote!  Thanks for sharing your unique perspective on life and reminding me how precious my time with my family really is…..not to mention time with myself.

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