Re-Set Story Of The Week: A New Career

I recently finished reading your book. I have been a follower of yours since you were a guest speaker at a conference I attended a few years ago.

I wanted to say that I enjoyed the book’s message. You are right that too often we are overcome with our negative messaging to the extent we talk ourselves out of taking any action. We are so embroiled in conflicting thoughts we fail to try or we set ourselves up for failure.
I read your book in August following my resignation from my employer of 20 years.  Predictably, I spent months trying to decide whether to stay or resign all the while knowing the culture and values were in conflict with mine.  I finally summoned the courage and handed in my resignation.  I have enjoyed a lovely and relaxing summer regrouping.  After rest and reflection, I enrolled in school for business courses to complete 3 certificates – Leadership, Human Resources Management and Business Management.
Truthfully, I wish I had read your book before I made my decision to leave.  You are right when you say to just take action.  It is amazing how we waste time agonizing over elements out of our control.  The negativity just eats up what energy you possess. While I believe anyone can make a difference and everyone is a leader, sometimes, challenging the status quo is beyond the scope of one’s influence and it is time to let go.
I look forward to a new career with a new employer.  I am also considering starting my own business; however, these courses will help me toward that goal which is to run a bed and breakfast or small motel.
Cheers! -Diane

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