Re-Set Story Of The Week: A Magical Eye

This story if from a photographer I met! Thank you for sharing, Susan!

Susan Lorraine Pement was born and raised in the rugged northern wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. Her childhood was spent outdoors communing with nature, leading to her passion for learning about the world around her and photographing what she saw. Susan was born with a special gift of “seeing” things and many believe she has a “magical eye”. Susan truly feels that her camera is an extension of her eye, looking at everything in the world with awe. Susan strives to capture the beauty in the overlooked with honesty and integrity. A common sentiment to Susan from others is that they would never have seen the beauty in something common, had they not seen it captured in her work.

Susan received her first camera at the age of seven. In exchange for helping pile the families wood supply she would be allowed to occasionally have a roll of film developed. This hobby quickly became a passion, and throughout school she was always known as the “one who would take the photos” of whatever event was going on. Susan was very academic in formal and post-secondary school and attended nursing school. She excelled in her post-secondary education but her dream was to become a professional photographer so that she could share her vision with others. After a year, Susan left school to marry Roland Mielken and began a family. She put aside her dream of being a professional photographer to be the best mother and wife that she could possibly be. She raised two fine sons and won numerous awards for her gardening and cooking skills. Susan continued to do photography as a hobby and was capturing some amazing photos using an inexpensive amateur camera.

In 2008 Susan posted some of her photographs on a website community for artists and collectors. Her work caught the eye of an artist and entrepreneur in Atlanta Georgia who encouraged her to buy a professional camera and share her magic throughout the world. With his guidance and the support of her family and friends, Susan ventured across the continent on a photographic journey to capture the magic in places previously unknown to her. Her photographs of various rural and urban images ranging from still life to portraits, all contain a magic not captured by others and are becoming a huge sensation throughout the art world. She receives accolades from many professional photographers and artists throughout the world and collectors are rushing to purchase her prints. Susan’s dream of being a professional photographer has become a reality. After viewing her portfolio you will see the magic that Susan experiences everyday, and you will see that truly Susan Mielken has a Magic Eye.

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