Re-Set Story Of The Week: Tri-Athletes

As a life-long dog paddler and the person who was picked last for every sport in school, one might wonder what possessed me to enter a triathlon at age 45.

Well, first off it wasn’t a ‘real’ triathlon, it was called a try-a-tri and it was a mini-swim, a mini-bike and a mini-run. Still, for me, this was a big stretch. For some reason – whether it was the need to prove it to myself or to someone else  or just to flick that switch in my brain to say – ‘Yes, I can!’ – I signed up with my trusty sidekick Marie.

Together we spent the summer teaching ourselves to swim,  peddling long distances and running with our dogs.  We were slow, but we didn’t care. We might miss an exercise session but we would not miss a ‘training’ section – we had become athletes!

The day of the event, surrounded by ‘real’ athletes  we prepared the ‘tri –a- try’ coach that we were quite certain to come in last. He said, “Do you know what they call the person who comes in last in a triathlon?”

Yikes – we wondered what we would be called.

“They call them a tri-athlete.” We proudly came in last, as tri-athletes, and it was AWESOME!


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