Re-Set Story Of The Week: Back In It!

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Back in Oct 1997 my, then girlfriend now wife, had a membership to Fitness World, giving me the opportunity to get a “spousal” membership for the low price of $19.99 per month.  Well, I signed up and did quite well attending the gym for the first few months then stopped.  Because the fee was so good, I’ve been paying for it ever since and have only gone to the gym a handful of times until my first daughter was born 11 years ago – AND I HAVEN’T BEEN SINCE!  But still did not cancel because of the great deal I got.  I have been telling my wife not to cancel my membership yet because “I’m going to start going again….. one day!” 

That “one day” came on May 30, 2012 after I heard Linda Edgecombe’s fantastic motivational speech at our annual CMA Leadership Conference.  Her challenge to us to email her,  what one thing we were going to do that sat in the frontal lobe of our brains and by June 4th broke my line of never ending excuses.   I knew that “one thing” was going to be my goal of getting back to the gym. That along with her comments about our future, whether we want to be on a cruise ship or in a Home in our old age, really kicked me in the ass!  Friday June 1, 2012 was my first day and I’ve been at least 3 times per week since then.  I’ve been doing so well that I even convinced my wife, who begged me to cancel my membership every month that my Visa bill came in, to let me spend $490 on some personal training.  Tonight is my 3rd of 8 sessions!

Linda, thanks again for your awesome, hilarious, inspiring speech! -Darrin Snell

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Linda Edgecombe
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