Re-Set Story Of The Week: Finding Belief In Different Places

 Without question, a huge “Reset” moment for me started with my wife Darlene.  I am a motivational speaker, I am always being asked for advice and although I focus much of my messaging on my life without arms, I was very lucky to meet Darlene in 1991 and suck her into marrying me in ’93, second marriages for both of us. I only had one issue with my new bride and it became what I affectionately called “The weird voodoo stuff”. Darlene always knew I was joking about her new age spiritualiaty but I was serious about keeping it private. She’d started talking about Tarot cards, intuition and questioning organized religion and my traditional upbringing would get me feeling creepy. Funny thing was, I had doubts about my own spirituality and Darlene made me realize that seeking alternative beliefs was not the “blasphemy” I had been worried about. 

Through all this, we haven’t become atheists but when one realizes that, for example, Christianity is but one of hundreds of religions, what creates “belief”? What I know it to be now is what I call “World Faith”. A little Buddhism, a little Hindu, a little Muslim, and even a little Christianity, etc. Clearly, this attitude can be viewed with disdain by some and therein lies the “Reset”. People should be allowed to believe what they believe and one should respect that. We should also realize others may not want to hear what that belief may be but if they ask, never be afraid to answer. They may not agree but faith and spirituality are the most personal thing we own and seeking one’s own truth can be the most liberating element we possess.
Maybe this line sums it up; “Instead of being a sheep and following all the other sheep be a border collie and show the sheep the way!”

Alvin Law has been traveling the world as a speaker since 1981 and was one of Canada’s first “Thalidomide babies”. He and Darlene live in Calgary and together operate AJL Communications Ltd.  Alvin is also the author of International Bestseller, “Alvin’s Laws of Life…5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything”.  He can be surfed at

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