Re-Set Story Of The Week: My Life Changed Forever

Here’s the Re-Set Story Of The Week from my girlfriend, Pam!

Many people have heard someone say “and my life changed forever;” perhaps you or someone close to you has said that. Well, on December 18th 2011 an event took place that changed my life forever, but I did not know that until many weeks later. 

On that Sunday I plummeted off our ice-laden deck and came smashing down on my head. It was a terribly hard fall: first I landed on my head, then my elbow hit, then my lower back and then my legs. I laid on the ground for a moment or two (or three? who knows!) I remember thinking – “oh crap” (well, something like that), “that’s going to hurt tomorrow” as I took a physical survey of myself to see if something might be broken.

 Despite my feeling stunned and scattered for quite some time (I’m overworked, need a vacation, it’s the holidays …) it wasn’t until three weeks later that I learned I had suffered a sever concussion and whiplash, and another eight weeks of significantly diminishing cognitive ability before the extensive degree of damage to my brain finally plateaued.

 Over a period of a few weeks I went from being a very busy “Get’er Done” gal as a Business Advisor, new author, mentor group leader, community volunteer, guest speaker and tap dancer to a life that consisted only of grooming, eating, staring out the window in quiet solitude and sleep. My processing slowed to a snail’s pace and I couldn’t hold a conversation. My life had changed, forever.

Now, seven months later, I am still working at adjusting to my new, much slower, life. Every day is a wild-card with varying degrees of functioning and capability. I have been told that I should regain all cognitive function eventually, but it could take many more months or even another year or so. This journey has taken me through much self-examination, fear, depression and GRATITUDE. Because things could have been much worse. That fall could have killed me. It could have caused permanent and significant brain injury. But it didn’t. It gave me a gift. A gift of stopping. A gift of slowing down. A gift of a clean slate to create a new post-injury life – including choosing what I want to put back into my life and what direction I want to take my career, WHEN I am able to return to work.

With much gratitude,

Pamela Carey Nelson, author of “Broke Free Forever”

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