Re-Set Story Of The Week: Are You Ready To Do Something Great?

Here’s this week’s “Re-Set Story Of The Week” from my husband, Kevin Edgecombe.

In November of 2009 my wife Linda and I travelled to Nepal to see firsthand the school site which the young Nepalese girls that our charity supports in Nepal attend school. It would prove difficult to anticipate the profound affect that this first trip to Nepal would have on me and how I view my participation in the charity today.

About a year ago I said the words.. are you ready to do something great..? Although I was asking this question in an email to many of my friends and colleagues…. The truth is I was asking myself that question most of all. Nearly a year of preparation culminated in a group of nine Canadians embracing an adventure to Nepal to build two classrooms at the Chainpur school in the Dang region of western Nepal.

The experience, from the moment we landed on the tarmac in Kathmandu to the moment we received our teka’s on the last day of the build was as profound, enlightening, enriching and inspiring as it could have been. I’m not sure if it was the warm, gracious and authentic nature of the Napalese, I am not sure if it was the raw beauty of the culture or if it was the sharing of an incredible experience with a group of incredible people…. The truth is it was all of the above and I am so happy that I was part of it. The feeling of giving something to someone who you know will never pay you back is incredible.

Two days after the 10 day build, a group of six of us travelled to Lukla, (the craziest little airport on the planet) where we started a 14 day trek to Everest Basecamp and Kala Patthar. The physical beauty of Nepal and the Himalayas is outrageous and summiting Kala Patthar was one of the most amazing moments of my life. Spending hours at BaseCamp in the shadow of the Khumba Icefall, wandering amongst the sea of tents belonging to dreamers who are heading to the top. All of this recent memory gives me goose bumps.

Looking back I was amazed by the people, the Nepalese men and woman who endure hardship that is tough to describe. Humbling would be a huge understatement. The thing that may have struck me most of all was the power of the friendships that evolved spending time with people who are so “REAL”… no pretence, no agenda, just engaging warm hearts. It was tough to say goodbye to the kids, the mothers groups, the Sherpa’s and the culture. It was tough to say good bye to our friends whom we shared this magic. But as we all know, life goes forward.

Making sure the magic evolves into day to day life is front and center for me. How do I take this experience and make it a road map for life at home. We as Canadians are blessed… sounds cliché, I know, but It’s so true.! Most of us have no idea how good we have it, and if we do, we forget. But most of us need to simplify and be happy with what we have instead of what we don’t. We need less stuff, more conversation, less drama and more celebration. I have found something in me that I like and it has inspired me to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life.

For me, I am already planning my next trip to Nepal…

Are you ready to do something great? If you are…email me [email protected]

Kevin Edgecombe, Owner Edgecombe Builders, Kelowna

Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame