Re-Set Story Of The Week: A Woman’s Journey of Self-Empowerment

Here is this week’s Re-Set Story. Thank you for sharing, Lisa!

Lisa L. Payne is a coach, speaker and author whose mission is to help her clients move through life transitions with grace and confidence so they can create a life that excites them.

In her mid-thirties, Lisa took a leap of faith and set out to recreate her own life. An extroverted over-achiever and chronic list-maker for as long as she can remember, Lisa found that checking goals off her list did not result in success as she defined it. In fact, she was so busy on the “Treadmill of Life” that she had completely lost her sense of self. She made a commitment to a journey of self-discovery that continues to strengthen her each day. Her personal vision of success is crystal clear; her confidence in her ability to live in possibility is unwavering.

Along her journey, Lisa has been challenged with chronic pain, divorce, relocation, illness, job loss, and financial hardship; she has also been rewarded with incredible abundance. In her personal life, Lisa currently enjoys fulfilling relationships with her friends, parents, children, ex-husband, and new love. She has created a home that is full of laughter and love, and continually strives to maintain a solid balance to honour all of her personal values.

At 42, Lisa is busy as a life coach, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker, and she has just released her first book, “What If They Knew? Secrets of an Impressive Woman”. In the anthology, “Freeing Godiva: A Woman’s Journey of Self-Empowerment” from Insight Publishing, Lisa shares her personal story of challenge and inspiration – a story of perseverance and unwavering faith that has brought her great happiness.

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