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Speak Your Way to the Top

Speak Your Way to the Top

I have been asked hundreds of times over the years if I can help other people get started in the “Speaking Business”. I have coached dozens of folks at various stages in their careers to improve their skills on stage, because as we all know, the skill of speaking is such a powerful tool that can really help you personally and professionally, regardless of what you do for a living.

This September 23rd – 25th, here in beautiful Kelowna, BC, I am part of an amazing event where we will show you how to craft your stories, add humor for impact, market like a rock star and make more income by honing the skills of speaking. My friend, Chantelle Adams, grew her own business to over $100K per year in less than 9 months. I hope you can join us. Check out the program and details here.

If you are a Canadian, we have a discount code to use to save on the USD pricing. Our enrolment program is priced in USD, so use our local code to save, save, save.

Canadian Promo Code: SHINELOCAL

Speak Your Way to the Top

Here is a quick summary of what you will be learning at this year’s Shine Live Event with your host, Chantelle Adams and guests.

Tips on how to get started:

Step 1: Get Clear

Get Clear on your WHY!
You need to get clear on WHY you want to speak before you ever step on stage. I want you to think about what it will do for you and for your business, how it will help you grow and reach more people.

Here are a few ideas of why speaking is such a powerful tool to grow your business:

-Be seen as an expert in your field
-Gain credibility
-Get more visibility and reach more people
-Connect with people on a much deeper level to quickly develop that know, like and trust factor that leads to raving fans and clients
-Connect with other influencers and experts
-Sell your programs and offerings to your ideal audience
-Promote your book or other products
-Create a bigger impact by reaching a bigger audience

These are just a few WHY’s for speaking. Now I want you to list your why.

Get Clear on WHAT you want to speak about.

The best way to get clear on what you want and need to be speaking about is to dive into your story and look at your own process in your life and how you went from Point A to Point B because that is the message you are meant to be sharing.

Get Clear on WHO you want to speak to.

It is important to first think about who is the ideal audience you feel you want to speak to. I really loved working with and speaking to kids and youth, so that was my “WHO” in the beginning but then I saw there were so many other people who also needed my message and soon I was speaking to teachers, executives, parents, university students, whole communities and more.

When you are just starting out, it is great to focus first on one main audience so you don’t get overwhelmed but know that you can take your signature speech and just tweak it slightly with the stories or activities to be for a variety of different audiences.

So, who do you feel most called to speak to?

Step 2: Get Started

Speak Online
When you are just starting out, I do recommend looking for and researching live gigs and opportunities and starting to build relationships but the best way to get started with speaking ASAP is to start online first!

You have a huge audience right at your fingertips and it is so valuable to build a platform and following online. Times have changed a lot in the speaking industry and most organizers look online for speakers now. They also look at your following and platform when considering bringing you in to speak.

You can start right now to build your business through speaking online and here are just a few ways:
Interviews, Podcasts, Telesummits, Webinars, Video Blogs, Periscope, Youtube shows, Video Trainings

You can do them or be a guest on them, either way you are building your audience, your platform and your confidence.

You are also able to show the power in your abilities and your topics and through being highly visible, you will have many speaking opportunities come your way.

How will you start NOW to use speaking online to grow your platform?

I’m In!

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Host your own events.

Instead of waiting for someone to book you, book yourself and create your own stage now. Hosting your own events is more work but it sets you apart from the rest and builds your credibility, it also gives you practice and greater confidence.

You could host a 1-hour workshop in your community or a 2-day event where you bring in other speakers or even a 5-day retreat and anything in between. It really is limitless when it comes to events.

What is one event you would love to host? Describe it in detail below and then start working towards making it happen.

Step 3: Get Connected

To really move forward with speaking, it is so important to get connected with others who are doing the same. I know that the fastest way to move forward in business is with support and collaboration from like-minded people. This is why I created the Shine Inner Circle Mastermind because we are all moving forward with speaking and have connections and opportunities we share with each other.

Who is one person, or group of people you can reach out to and connect with who are using speaking to grow their businesses?

Step 4: Get Creating

Create a Speaker Page and One Sheet.
Make sure you have the promotional materials done for speaking and that you are sharing on your website, email signature and social media, that you are a speaker. Own it!

Here is a little accountability to get you creating. I will:

-update my signature to say Speaker by (date)
-create my speaker page on my website by (date)
-create my speaker one sheet (date)

hat is just a snapshot of all that we will be covering at this years Shine Live Event here in Kelowna.

Click below to sign up for this years Shine Live Event. If you can’t make it in person, we will be doing a telecast of the retreat.

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I hope you will join me!

Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame