6 Tips to Stay Energized and Lose Weight During the Holiday’s

Ok, so we have just over a month till Christmas and unless you are super human, we all seem to let our motivational guard down during this busy, stressful and very social time of year. I wanted to give you just a few tips to keep you feeling energized, geared up and more joyful, while we deck the halls.

I believe that before Christmas is the best time to start a new routine of moving our bodies and eating smarter.  I was going to say healthier, but lets just think of it as smarter.  That way you stand more comfortably in your own skin through all the “events” we attend over the next 6 weeks.

1. Commit to at least a 15-minute walk 5 days a week. More is better but 15 minutes is great.

2. For the next 3-4 weeks (and only focus on that amount of time) eat only lean protein, and non-starchy vegetables. You can choose if you want to go to town for the following 2 weeks.  Check out the “smarter science of slim” for more details on eating this very healthy way.  Or visit my site http://thesofterscienceofslim.com/ for recipes and tips.

3. Because most people increase alcohol intake this time of year, start adding 2 glasses of water a day to your intake. Hell, grab one right now.  Your body, mind and entire system will love you for it.

4. Everyday, regardless you must get fresh air. Get outside and move a bit.

5.  Make your office less convenient.  Move your recycling bin so you have to take a step or two to put paper in it. Sitting is the new smoking, so get up every 20 minutes or so.

6. Last but not least.  Rest and Recuperate. Our bodies get stronger in the “rest” period of our cycles.  Growth hormones are released in a resting state,  the hormones that regulate our metabolism and help our bodies recover from the stressful state we put them in during the day.  The bedtime challenge for the next week is to NOT watch TV from your bed!!!   Read anything (fiction is best) before you fall asleep.

Here’s to yours and my health, wealth and enough energy to leap into the next year.  I look forward to working with you on your big ass goals in 2013.

Linda Edgecombe, CSP
Motivational Speaker
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Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame