Success is all in Your Head

Success is all in Your Head!

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, research has been conducted to find out what it takes to be highly successful in today’s world.  A new book called “The Winners Brain” indicates that highly successful people function differently from the average Joe.  I know your first reaction will be “Ya, Duhh!” But don’t be too haste to stop reading because they also say that we ‘Average Joe’s and Josee’s can actually re-wire our brains physically.  Researchers Mark Fenske and Jeff Brown of Harvard Medical School discovered some commonalities in highly functioning individuals and identified eight winning factors in these successful folk.

Including:  Self-Awareness, Motivation, Focus (I’m sorry, what was I just writing?), Emotional Balance (I’m doomed!), Memory, Resilience, Adaptability and Brain Care.

8 tips for training winning brains

1. Self-Awareness: Train yourself to interpret other peoples gestures by watching screens from a movie on mute,  add your own commentary to write your own script.

2. Motivation: If you procrastinate,  make large tasks more manageable,  break them into smaller chunks.

3. Focus: Stop a few times each day and just really focus on everything that is going on around you for just a few minutes.  Try practicing this one in the morning when you are less tired and you will be able to practice easier.

4. Emotional Balance: Check your perspective on what is happening to you this exact moment.  Then try and change how you are experiencing this moment.  Remember this is just an activity to try and practice perspective shifting.

5. Memory: Recognize and consciously purge useless information.   Like the song that is playing on the radio as I write this article was released in July 1987.  Why do I remember stuff like that?  Oh ya, back to the article.  Focus Linda, focus!!!

6. Resilience:  First let me define Resilience as the ability to bounce back after a tough situation,  to recover and be stronger.  OK,  so to work on this one, when you find yourself in a tough situation,  think about someone  you know who is very resilient and think to yourself how would they handle this situation?  Or better yet, I wonder if they might come and take you out for dinner and drinks? Just a thought.

7. Adaptability: The ability to go with the flow.  Bottom line here;  try some meditation and yoga. Both of these have been proven to thicken the cortical layer of the brain.  I am not sure how that helps, but it does sound good.  And at the very least, you will be more flexible and if you have a spouse, they will appreciate you more…

8. Brain Care:  Yes it’s back to physical exercise.  Researchers say that a bit of moderate exercise a few times each week strengthens your brain.  And for other benefits of exercise, see number7.

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