Physical Adventure

The Physical Adventure of My Life

I talk about taking risks, pushing yourself to do more…..and ask people “when was the last time you did something for the first time?” Well this past week I did just that …I took a risk, pushed myself and did something for the first time. 

Now I’d like to think I am an adventurous sole and participate in daily activity but last week was the physical adventure of my life.  I signed up and participated in Mountain Trek

The setting, Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada. It is a beautiful location that people would be grateful to experience. I certainly was! At Mountain Trek, the program consists of hiking on breath-taking mountain trails and high alpine meadows and glaciers, daily yoga, outstanding calorie-controlled spa cuisine, evening exercise activities as well as massages offered three times a week and the all inclusive FitPath weight loss program. The program is considered a catalyst for healthy change.

My first day of Mountain Trek – click link to watch video clip

This was my typical day:

6:00 am: A gentle, but firm wake-up tap on the door.

6:15 Herb teas and protein shake available in the dining room.

6:30 Begin the day with an energizing, but relaxing, yoga/stretch class in our beautiful studio that captures the sunrise over the mountains.

7:30 A hearty breakfast in the scenic dining room overlooking Kootenay Lake.

8:00 While I finished my meal, Guides reviewed the day’s hike, including level of difficulty, terrain, and clothing to bring for the day.

8:30 We departed for the trailhead in 4-wheel drive vehicles. Each hike is unique and beautiful! They’ve picked the best the Kootenay’s have to offer!

4:30 Back to the Lodge

5:00 – 8:00 Massages

6:00 A healthy dinner

7:30 Hot Springs Walk / Circuit Class / Cardio Class

Fall into bed around 9pm

It was the most incredible experience of my life. When they talk about hiking on beautiful terrain they mean it. In fact you do that every day for 3-5 hours. They push you to accomplish more than you believe you can. There are days where you feel like you just want to lay down and sleep but on the other had feel so invigorated that you want more. And just when you thought the physical part of your day is over you participate in circuit and core training that helps build strength and flexibility. We saw Grizzly bears, black bears and other wild life.  Pretty exciting stuff, especially for the majority of the folks there.  All from large cities.  They couldn’t believe that I just drove a few hours to get there, when the majority of them flew literally across the world to get there.  We had folks from London, New York, Italy, and Montreal.

I had the chance to take cooking, stress management, and nutrition classes.  And although it is a huge physical push, the greatest thing is you don’t have to think about anything.  That’s the beauty of experiencing a planned out program with minimal time between activities.  The folks who work at Mountain Trek are top notch.  All very experienced hiking guides, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, cooks, yoga and other fitness instructors. But the best thing about them is their level of service.  I think I ‘m a pretty positive person, but they were amazing.

So here’ s the trick, how do I transfer all that great learning and experiences into my life here in Kelowna and more importantly when I’m on the road?  Well one of the best lessons I learned is the 5:2 rule.  So my plan is to live 5 days of each week like my body is a temple and the other 2, well ‘let it ride’.  That way if I have some wine or great appies, I’m not going to fret over it.  As well, I’ve found my groove back for exercise.  But here are some guidelines I learned from my week of the “good life”.

BEST Time to Exercise

1. Any Time!

2. Outdoors, you get a 40% more effective workout when out with Mother Nature.

3. Put in 40 minutes of exercise at a higher rate of exertion.

4. OR… put in 120 minutes of exercise at a moderate rate of exertion.

5. Best time to work out:  is after dinner.  You want to burn off the dinner you just ate so your insulin levels stay stable

BEST Way to Eat

1. Eat 30 minutes from waking up to kick-start your metabolism and not stall it.

2. For Breakfast eat equal parts of dairy, protein, fruit or veggie, complex carbohydrate

3. For lunch and dinner, 50%-75% of your meal should be veggies and fruit and 25% protein and a few times a week have 25% of your meal be a starchy carb.

BEST Way to incorporate this into your life

1. Everything in moderation.

This is not rocket science but I will tell you, nothing feels better than feeling healthy!

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