Workplace Humour Culture

What’s Your Workplace “Humour Culture”?

Every company has a culture and they definitely have a humor culture.  The best way to figure out what your culture is, is the just think about ‘how things are done around her’ That’s your culture.  If you are serious about creating an atmosphere where staff will want to work harder, smarter and more creatively, you simply must lead your humor culture in a new direction.

Here are few tips and tricks to elevate the importance of humor in your workplace.

  • If your company has anyone who was a teen or in their 20’s in the 70’s or 80’s, then you have to have a 70-80”s day.  And all staff who actually had 70-80’s hair back in the day, must bring in a photo of themselves and post them on one of your office walls and hold a contest to see who can guess who is who. (This is my favorite team building activity that is so much fun and hilarious)  It cost’s NOTHING except your pride.
  • Humor for commuters; spend a bit of money on a CD Library so folks can sign out a CD to listen to on their way to and from work.
  • Start a most embarrassing story contest.  These will be some of the best stories you will ever hear.  Get over yourself and fess up.
  • Create humor thoughts of the day and to remind people to have fun every day.  Have someone be in charge of ‘humorist of the day.’  Each staff gets a day, a week or month, depending on how many people work where you work.
  • Create a few simple rituals or traditions that encourage people to have fun and lighten up. The Jeans on Friday has been the universal attempt of letting folks lighten up a bit.  It’s hell for those of us who look bad in jeans though.  Maybe we should start a buffet waistline day…
  • If your company has a blog, ask staff to write a funny story or anecdote about what’s happened to them in the past year or so.  I really help others to relate and realize we are all just folks who want to do good work and enjoy ourselves at the same time.
  • Bring back the harmless practical joke.  This is not to hurt or humiliate anyone.  But have some fun with your co-workers.
  • Every company I have ever worked with has a language that is just theirs, but even funnier to me is they all have several acronyms that mean a thing, to anyone who doesn’t work there.  So start a contest to use the already overused acronyms and come up with fun descriptions of what those acronyms could mean.  Host a contest for the most creative ones.
  • Make it mandatory and give people explicit permission to have more fun and laugh more at work, don’t assume they know this already!  Most folks need to find their own funny faster, and this does take some practice as you sharpen your humor muscles.  The more you look for quirky the more you will find it.

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