Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You Work

Have you ever given much thought to music and how it benefits you personally and or professionally? Are you sitting beside a radio right now or do you have your iPod in your ears listening to your favourite musician? If you answered no to both questions you might just want to tune in.

Studies have found that music is effective at promoting relaxation, relieving anxiety and stress, and treating depression. Music allows people with emotional problems to explore feelings and to make positive changes in mood.  Listening a tune can increase your energy, help you learn better and become smarter, protect your heart and benefit your sleep. Wow all that from the Eagles! (Linda just saw them in concert…lucky her!).

Obviously listening to certain music at certain times is the key. I am not sure the Eminem before bed really will help you sleep but something soft and soothing listened to for 45 minutes has been reported  to improve sleep by 35%, according to a study published in the February 2005 edition of The Journal of Advanced Nursing. I know if I get a good sleep I function much better the next day. How about you?

Now music not only improves your overall health and well being personally. It has been found to improve employees moral and workplace satisfaction. Although some bosses or CEO’s have not yet bought into the benefits of music in an office, factory, retail outlet, etc. there has been research to show that productivity and job satisfaction are vastly improved when employees have the chance to listen to music while working. In fact, according to a Spherion Workplace Snapshot survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, almost one-third (32 percent) of workers listen to music while working using an iPod, MP3 player or similar personal music device. Of those, 79 percent feel that doing so improves their job satisfaction and/or productivity. Now if your job requires you to be tuned into instructions it may not be possible to have music in your ears but finding a way to hear a song or two throughout the day may help you get your work done faster and more enjoyably.

When trying to learn as much as I could about music and it’s benefits to everyone, I came across information about the benefits of music to students in a classroom. Again the initial research is favorable suggesting that when students listen to music they are actually less distracted, have improved concentration and short term memory and are more motivated to learn.

So turn up the radio, put in a CD or dock that iPod and listen to a tune or two. While you are at it, sing along……I don’t care if you can’t carry a tune. Go for it!  Your body, your mind, your family and your colleagues will thank you for it!

Richelle Lawrence on behalf of Linda Edgecombe


Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame