Essentials to Resilient Living

Essentials to Resilient Living

These days, we live in a constant state of overwhelm; our cortisol levels are skyrocketing and our quality of life is deteriorating. For most of the past two decades, we have bumped up the level to which has become the norm of our busy lives.

Even though we are talking more about how exhausted most of us are, we don’t seem to be making any strides in trying to actually create better lives for ourselves. What I do know, from my own physical and mental collapse, is that the only way you can get your life back, is to first and foremost, make the decision that you actually want to, and secondly, carve a small slice out of each day to move you towards that decision.

Over the next several weeks, I will be highlighting the ESSENTIALS that are needed to build back your resiliency stores so you can move into a life that you love to wake up to each day. Here’s to taking the first step. Just start!

Essential Number One: Movement

I know this a soapbox I have been standing on for decades and it’s simply the number one thing you can do to move energy in and out of your body. All you need to do is get more oxygen in your blood system moving through your body more often. It does not matter whether you walk, jog, run, swim, bike or hike…golf, garden or do several sun salutations.

We were not put on this planet to be sedentary. So find 10 minutes and get up from the chair you are sitting on while reading this blog and put one foot in front of the other and move.

Just keep remembering it’s only about physics: ‘energy out = energy in’.

Every time you look at the option of stairs or the escalator, or stairs and the elevator, what you are actually deciding on is, when you get older, do you want to be on a cruise ship or in a care home. Brand that image in your head and just start.

Tips on how to get started moving more:

  • Get some footwear that supports your activity.
  • Find a friend who also wants to move more at whatever level you are at.
  • Check your local Community Rec Center for the variety of options you have right in your neighborhood
  • Don’t over-think this, in fact stop thinking about it and just tie your shoes on and get out the door.
  • Ask yourself, “What do you have in the tank today?” 10 minutes, 20, maybe 60 minutes. Whatever you put in, you will instantly feel better about yourself. That alone kicks up your endorphins and your resiliency has already had a boost.
  • Notice how you feel after you have moved and if your muscles are a bit tired, that’s great! Change your thinking to Gratitude; it also increases your happiness levels.

Let me know if you get going this week in the comments below. And if anyone you know needs to read this, please share with them.

More Resiliency Essentials coming next week.

Linda Edgecombe, Resiliency Expert

Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame

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  1. I got out to yoga today and feel like a million bucks right now! Thanks for the continuing inspiration. Erika

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