When was the Last Time You did something for the First Time? 

4 Simple Strategies to go from feeling Shitty to Sensational STAT!
by Linda Edgecombe, “Moving People from Overwhelm and Distraction to Energized and Engaged”

When was the Last Time You did something for the First Time?  More simply put; Seriously how fricken old are your stories?

For those of you who know me or have seen me speak, you know I ask this question every time I give a presentation.  And up to about 3 years ago, I have been a complete hypocrite.  Meaning I hadn’t really done anything new in a long time, but I was very good on stage telling you all to get out there and create new stories.  I was so full of my own bull shit, I’d forgotten who I was.

But as life would have it, I was given one of those gifts, that don’t really seem like a gift at the time, and kicked me on my ass.  So in pursuit of ‘figuring out who I really was and wanted to be” I set off on an adventure to find out and in the meantime, started creating new stories.   My next adventure may be another solo trip, just in the planning stages right now. Stay Tuned.    As my late Mom would say: “Back to You and Me”

QUOTE of the WEEK   “If you are in a bit of a shit storm in your life, you only get to stay in the outhouse until it cools off!”  Michelle Bonneau, Retired Nun and Founder of our Charity IWEN

That quote is brilliant because all of us end up in shit storms, I call it the “Work” of our lives.  In my presentations I actually say “First the Work, then the Lessons” and if you are in some worklean into the work.  The work is the stage in any change in our lives that is commonly called (Discomfort)  Quiet simply it feels awful,  very uncomfortable.  And if you are in the Discomfort stage right now in a part of your life, here is the best advice I could give you.

  • Stop and take note that it is in fact not comfortable.
  • Acknowledge that it is just a stage of this change you are going through.
  • Do everything in your power to not self-sabotage to keep you in this phase.
  • Intentionally go and sign up for something you have never tried before. (this is the stage called Discovery).

Here’s what you will notice, your behavior in the Discomfort stage is unproductive and as mentioned before self-sabotaging.  But if you are aware of that and choose to intentionally go and try something new, you will find your behavior becomes energized.  And like magic, you will start to notice new opportunities show up.  New things to try, new people to meet and this simple science called Physics takes over (inertia).

So this week’s task is to take a quick survey of your life, look for evidence of where you are experiencing some “Work”aka Discomfort and lean into it.  Open up your computer and go to your local Community center and sign up for something you have never tired.  I simply dare you.    You can pay me later.  “Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of your Fears”

Have a great rest of your week.

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