Linda’s Nepal Project

We empower marginalized women and girls
through education and sustainable community development.

It is Linda’s philosophy that there are two ultimate goals in life. ONE) Happiness – we seek it out everyday in various ways, consciously and subconsciously and TWO) have as few regrets as possible.

What has been found are those of us who are happiest tend to also be those of us who contribute to our world and their communities.  There is an increase in feeling better and giving something back. In 2007 Linda signed on to help a friend who wanted to rescue girls in Nepal from child contract labor and get these girls into school. The “Scarf Lady” was born.

For the past 12 years Linda has sold scarves at every event she speaks at raising money to rescue marginalized girls and women in Nepal and Canada. They have since given out over 1000 scholarships, and educated 1200 Mothers in literacy and numeracy skills. Her International (previously known as IWEN) built several classrooms for the girls to attend school, bought bicycles for them to get to and from school. Along with several homes destroyed from the massive earthquake in 2015.

We assisted in the launch of a large micro credit program for over 1200 moms and they run these programs very successfully and independently to date. Her International has built a vocational center for the mothers groups and post secondary training for the girls they support. In 2013, they will build a school for disabled girls and women in Kathmandu, and add onto the school where most of their rescued daughters attend.   Most recently,  ‘Her International’  has started supporting Women in need in Canada.  Currently distributing packages of need to Homeless Women in Canada.  Needless to say Linda is very HAPPY.

What to find out more or make a donation? Visit   Her International or to Buy a Scarf,  Bag or Bracelet visit