How to Protect Yourself From Negative People

When I was a kid, there was a cartoon that was popular in the 60’s (yes, I am that old) called Bat Fink. His favorite line in each of the shows was, “My Wings are Like a Shield of Steel” and he would use his wings to protect himself from his enemies. Whenever an evil force would come at him, he would wrap his wings around him and they would protect him.

So why am I telling you this? Well, somehow I intuitively have used this strategy throughout my life whenever I have been around negative people and for the most part, this visual image, albeit in my head, has worked for me.

Bat fink

I make my living succeeding and failing in public. I am a Motivational, Inspirational Speaker whose message about Engagement and Accountability gets delivered publicly every time I go to work. So I get the opportunity to succeed and fail publicly every time I stand on stage. And I am proud to say that most days, I succeed publicly. And sometimes it’s a ‘knock it out of the park’ success. But once or twice a year, I “STB”. And audience members love to give me that feedback. So I pull out my imaginary ‘Bat Fink’ wings of steel and let those comments deflect off of me. Believe me, my inner voice is loud enough, I call her ‘HagdaLinda’. Getting criticism from strangers is the last thing anyone needs.

So how can this “Bat Fink” strategy work in our work and personal lives, especially when we know the person intimately? And as a side note: if anyone ever tells you to “not take this personally”, I give you permission to smack them. Life is personal. And that thought may not be the most spiritually-evolved thought, but I’m not totally evolved yet.

So in your mind, wrap those wings around you as the feedback is coming at you. That way, you can think about the information that you are receiving without it literally entering your body and more importantly, your heart. This technique allows you to actually not take it personally. Because the person delivering the message is not self-aware enough to know they are throwing words that actually can hurt you.

Life is a crazy ride, so do everything you can to stay positive, in search of joy and peace and becoming the person you are meant to be.

If you want to see a short version of Bat Fink from the 60’s, click here.

Here’s to protecting yourself from Negative people.

Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame

2 thoughts on “How to Protect Yourself From Negative People

  1. So true Linda…. it is tough sometimes to not let that person get past your gate… but dealing with their negativity is not in my wagon to pull around with me… Too many good things to keep on board!

  2. Linda,

    These are really encouraging and uplifting words. Down with negative remarks and in todays world you need shields to wrap yourself with solid steel when negative people come around.
    Being positive in 2016 is a challenge and not always easy. But it beats the heck out of being dragged down……It is so easy to be negative so that’s not fun and certainly not pleasant.

    Best Regards,

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