Resilient Living Essential - Clarity

Resilient Living Essential #5: Clarity

To be honest with you, this essential to living your life to the fullest, with energy, enthusiasm and joy is probably the essential that scares the crap out of us, more than any of the others. Being honest with yourself is a very tough thing to do. Looking in the mirror and actually seeing yourself takes courage, humility and a willingness to say: “I think — no, I know — I have screwed some things up”.

Honesty is honestly one of the hardest and most rewarding things we can do for ourselves, because the truth is not always beautiful. Hell, sometimes the truth is downright nasty.

In the pursuit of “self-preservation”, we, and I mean the universal ‘we’ (that’s all of us), put stuff in our way so we don’t have to actually DEAL. It’s the human thing to do.

But let’s get back to Clarity. We are built to subtly, self-sabotage ourselves which means that when our plate is already full and life knocks on our door with something that needs our attention, relationships, aging parents, children that need some support, or our own health, what we tend to do is add something else to our plates so we have more to be distracted by.

And all the while, we justify that we can’t deal with the current issue because we are SO BUSY. The real kicker here is we are actually getting rewarded with our Busyness as it has become the badge of honor that society is rewarding us for.

Stop the Bus!

It’s time to de-clutter, and the simplest way to start the process is by listing all the roles you are currently playing in your life:

  • Parent
  • Professional
  • Home owner, home cleaner, etc
  • Spouse
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Grandparent
  • Friend
  • Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer
  • Fundraiser
  • Adult of aging parents who need your help.
  • Grocery-shopper, putter-away, and chef.
  • Keep listing…

Next to every role you are currently doing, I want you to rate them, stating whether they energize you or drain you. And yes, some of them will do both.

Then, and this is where it gets more challenging, I want you to choose one role that you will let go of for the next three months, and… one role that you will eliminate from your life.

The purpose of taking a few “cluttering things” off of your plate is to create some space for you to find what you really want.

As we move towards the next year in our life, here are a few more steps on how to find more clarity. You know what they say… “Clean a room, clear your mind”.

Step #1: Clarity

Living the life you love starts with knowing what that is. Everything flows from the vision of what you want in your ideal life. Knowing what kind of life you want to create gives you unstoppable power. Clarity is key!

Step #2: Eliminate

Once you have a clear vision, you need to eliminate anything that is not in alignment with it. That means clearing out junk, clutter and energy-drains to free up room and let your new vision in.

Step #3: Intention

Thoughts become things. What you intend is what your life becomes. Your intention is a specific statement of clarity containing what you want, why you want it, and when you want it by.

Step #4: Attention

The habit of attention is a daily practice. Remember, where focus goes, energy flows. Therefore, it is important to build daily rituals, practices and habits into your life since these will help you to stay focus only on what you want – your intention.

Step #5: Action

This step is not about taking any kind of action – it is about taking inspired action. Follow your smile (inspiration) and watch for clues, be conscious which means be in the moment more. If the action is on your intention, it will feel effortless. If it’s not, it will feel like a struggle.

Step #6: Release

Let go of your expectations of ‘how’ your intention will show up. This allows your heart to stay open and see the opportunities in everything that manifests in your life.

PS. And one last important thing: For this process to work, you must have the ‘faith’ that it is possible to happen. Faith is a powerful energy.

Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame

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  1. Linda. I really appreciate your posts and find them motivating me to evaluate my life and my direction. Have seen you speak but hope to meet you in person some day. Thanks for all your time and effort.

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