How to Shut Up the Voice in your Head. AKA Your Inner Asshole

How to Shut Up THE IMPOSTER! AKA Your Inner Asshole

I wanted to share with you all something life-changing that I took away from the course I went to recently. Some of you may have heard of this technique before.

It is a sequence that you do to acknowledge and work with the negative voice inside your head that says you can’t do things, you’re not good enough, why bother etc etc.


Here is a rundown of the steps:

  1. Name it – make it something fun, Kristy’s is Miss Prickle Pants. Mine is Hag-da-Linda
  2. Actively Listen – take note of what it is saying to you, if you think you don’t have one, then that is The Imposter telling you to go no further, we all have them, it’s just whether we choose to listen. Its even worse if you find yourself actually having a conversation in your head about situations that havent ever happened.
  3. Notice it – what is it saying to you? In the course, we were given a rubber band to have on our wrist, and every time we had one of these thoughts, we gave it a sharp tug, but don’t leave it there, it’s not just about the pain.
  4. Interrupt it – you know where the thought is going, so instead… I (Linda) tell her to simply Fuck off when its appropriate. Especially if she is body shaming me.
  5. Contradict it, in the spot where you have the rubber band, rub or kiss it and pay yourself a compliment instead. Say things like “ I can do this, I am more than good enough, I care to bother, I am awesome!”
  6. Silence Your Imposter – we kept up with the band flicking for the week and I found that by the end of it I didn’t need the band as I was consciously aware of the Imposter and therefore taking the time to re-program it.

We all have this little bugger come and visit us from time to time, the trick is, not giving it much time to fester (good word for it hey?!).

You don’t need to be like me and use a band on your wrist, it can be an un-noticeable act like tapping your fingers, followed by rubbing your hands together, it’s up to you.

Give it a go, ask me any questions if you aren’t sure or have real doubt about anything (your Imposter is probably telling you not to, but I am here and you’re worth it!). Enjoy, cause that’s what it’s all about, hey! (now I’m singing the Hokey Pokey!)

Adapted from David Wood by Kristy Gallen, with colour commentary by Linda Edgecombe Motivational Speaker, Hall of Fame Speaker, Resilient Living Expert

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Linda Edgecombe
Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame