The Classical Dilemma between the Head and the Heart

Quote: “When it comes to decisions, knowing when to use head or heart , is up to you and the situation you face, although developing

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I love you, I hate you!

I have to admit I have become an Elephant Journal Junkie, I love this daily blog that arrives in my inbox. At some un-Godly time

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Creating Great Relationships

Great relationships can feel elusive sometimes, right? I’ve spent most of my career studying and talking about successful relationships – in business and in life – and

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Simple Tips to Create Relationships You Want and Deserve

We’re all striving for healthy relationships. For some of us, the struggle is more “real” than for others… After 30-plus years of marriage practicing my

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Stay Connected! Ten Benefits of Friendship

How important is friendship to you? Did you know that fostering long-lasting, supportive friendship is not only fun and rewarding but is also extremely good

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