The Roller Coaster of During and Post-Presentation Emotions: A Comedic Journey

You’ve just delivered that killer speech or one you thought could have been better. It was in your head at least when you were imagining

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How to Foster a Strong Connection with your Staff

As a manager or leader, one of your most important responsibilities is to foster a strong connection with your staff. When you have a positive

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5 Effective Communication Strategies for Better Relationships at Work and Home

Effective communication is the key to building strong and healthy relationships both at work and home. Communication can make or break a relationship. It is

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5 Strategies for Dealing with Social Isolation at Work

Having meaningful relationships with co-workers leads to better performance in the workplace and a stronger sense of fulfillment overall. Having supportive colleagues makes going to

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Creating Great Relationships

Great relationships can feel elusive sometimes, right? I’ve spent most of my career studying and talking about successful relationships – in business and in life – and

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Simple Tips to Create Relationships You Want and Deserve

We’re all striving for healthy relationships. For some of us, the struggle is more “real” than for others… After 30-plus years of marriage practicing my

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Stay Connected! Ten Benefits of Friendship

How important is friendship to you? Did you know that fostering long-lasting, supportive friendship is not only fun and rewarding but is also extremely good

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