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Personal Audit

To assess awesome-ness in your life, the simplest place to start is with an audit. Your life always leaves clues. Consider each area below and give yourself an honest rating.

10/10 is a-could-not-get-any-better and 0/10 is this-is-the-absolute-worst. Score each category, add them up, and voila!

This is your score. It does not matter what your score is. It is simply your “now” place – your start line.

Workplace Culture Audit

Workplace cultures that are fully alive intentionally strive to create a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging, connectedness, safety, and a future there. Team members describe themselves as “family”.

In the following audit, please rank each category. A 10/10 means this area is rocking and 0/10 meaning it is non-existent.

This audit is a snapshot of how you experience your workplace. Your score showcases where your team can start the conversation.


Linda’s Keynotes Illustrated


Here’s an illustrated snapshot of one of my keynotes called “Make Curiosity Your Undercurrent,” done live!


Here’s another live illustrated graphic of my keynote called “Breaking Busy. Energy & Engagement in Crazy Times.