For Meeting Planners

Linda Edgecombe during one of her motivational speaking sessions

The Linda Effect

If you’re looking for a humorous motivational speaker to get your team or membership fired up, energized, and leave your event saying, “that was the best meeting I have ever attended!” then, I’m your gal.

I pride myself in delivering powerful messages, creating lasting shifts, while increasing accountability and momentum, all wrapped in laughter and humor, which creates an environment like no other.

The best feedback I ever get is when participants say, “Wow, where did the time go?” or “I’m exhausted from laughing so much” or “Can we take you back to our office with us?”

If you want to look like a superstar for booking a great speaker or trainer for your next event then consider me, Linda Edgecombe!

Pre-Event Questionnaire

Hey meeting planners, fill-out this pre-event questionnaire so that I can get to know more information about your event goals and show up ready to energize!

In order for me to customize my presentation to meet the specific needs for this event, please fill out as much as you can from this pre-program questionnaire.

Or, if you would like, you can call me directly at 250-717-6079 to go over the meeting agenda and desired outcomes. Thank you in advance!


Why Book Linda


High Energy, Humorous Delivery

Linda is well known for her energy and knows how to transfer it to her audiences, so they get fired up and ready to shiftTM. She wraps humor around all her content, which allows her audiences to be energized and ready to set the world on fire.


Noticeable Results

Get a breakdown on how easy it is to get things done and boost your results. Linda inspires audiences to take accountability and action. Change has never been this painless!


Customized Presentations

Linda takes the time to really learn about your organization and its people. Believe us when we say: she has seen them all! She will customize her presentations for you so you will feel like she’s on your team.


Fun to Work With

No one likes working with ‘high maintenance’, challenging or diva speakers. Linda prides herself in being easy to work with, detailed, a ton of fun, and an added member to your planning team.


WOW Your Audience

Get ready to impress your audience with FUN, dynamic, and professionally curated slides. There’s nothing worse than Death by PowerPoint! Linda uses slides to accent her messages and she passionately guarantees there will be no spreadsheets or graphs in her presentation.



With Linda, you’re getting an award-winning storyteller. She weaves in everyday life experiences to make sure her audiences can relate to the content being delivered. She shoots from the hip and her no BS approach is fun, refreshing, and relevant.

Speaker Reel

In this video I cover challenges most organizations are facing as well as the solutions they need to create a thriving workplace culture.

Headshot of Linda Edgecombe

Linda’s Bio

Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF

Linda Edgecombe is a change and leadership expert, Hall of Fame speaker, award-winning celebrity humorist, award-winning philanthropist, and bestselling author.

With 30+ years of experience, Linda’s mission is to get people fired up and ready to shift! She passionately promises to deliver programs that create powerful shifts for inspired, energized and accountable professionals who show up everyday ready to take on the world. She also promises it will be a heck of a good time – maybe the best laugh they will have had in a long time! She believes that a laugh is worth more than a thousand words and it has the power to change the way people feel, think, and take action.

Linda is fortunate to work with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as an expert in “Shifting Perspectives” and quoted in Globe and Mail, CTV, CBC, CBS, NBC. Linda is included in the Top 60 Motivational Speakers in the World.

In her free time, you’ll find her in the garden planting, weeding, or harvesting. She also shines in her kitchen where she not only makes amazing food – she holds court with her friends and family, and she whips up new recipes weekly. Linda has a very distinctive laugh cackle that once heard, is not only contagious, it is always remembered.

Headshot of Linda Edgecombe

Linda’s Intro

Linda Edgecombe is a change and leadership expert. She’s a motivational coach and a proud disruptor of the status quo.

Linda is an internationally renowned, award-winning speaker. She has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. She’s also included in the Top 60 Motivational Speakers in the World.

Featured in the Wall Street Journal and quoted in Globe and Mail, CTV, CBC, NBC. Linda is a mother of two and wife of one. And most importantly, she has recently become a grandma to Kerzy.

She is an author of several books and has been invited to speak across the globe, inspiring people to simply “choose a slice of the planet.” She has been presented with the Humanitarian of the Year Award twice in the last four years.

Linda’s messages are as welcome as a good belly laugh and as profound as an honest look in the mirror.

Get ready to BE energized!

Please welcome from Kelowna, B.C… Linda Edgecombe.

Partner with Linda

When it comes to your event, I know how much work and detail it takes to pull it all together, so I make it my goal to be a partner not just a part of the meeting.

I consider myself a creative thinker and soul and love to help with ideas, marketing, and promotion of your specific event.

I have some cool things to consider adding some “capoosta” and make your participants experience over the top:

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Buy books in bulk

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Add an element of surprise

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Make your audience laugh from the start to the end

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Infusing more energy and laugher by emceeing

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Social responsibility (selling scarves)

AV Requirements

Linda's standard AV needs are:

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Wireless handheld microphone

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark


  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark


  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    1-2 screens to show slides (depending on size of the audience)

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    If there is an AV team, upload my slides to their computers, sound check to make sure sound is working well (please note that I use a Mac)

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    If I am doing my own AV, I prefer that my computer is on stage with me

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Depending on the size of the audience and if budget allows, a comfort screen in front of the stage

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    A small table on stage for water (unless there’s a lectern on stage)

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    It would be great if the lectern be place on the side of the stage – this allows me to be more animated on stage

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    Let’s have the house lights up (not dimmed) to maximize energy

  • LindaEdgecombe_CheckMark

    You can count on me to be at the venue at least 1 hour ahead of my presentation (to meet you, meet the AV team, and get set up)

Most importantly, Linda prefers to have a locally grown fruit and veggie plate prior to going on stage. Along with a shot or 100% Agave tequila with a fresh lime on the side. Feel free to have a shot yourself. 🤡 Linda is highly aware of how much work goes into putting on events!