Holy crap, what a year we have come through.  And I know we were all hoping January 1st, 2021 life would be and feel different.  But it actually doesn’t.  In fact,  the virus has gotten worse.  More lockdowns,  curfews,  mutant strains, and cases.  Wowza right? 

What is different is we know more than we did last March.  We know how to show up, literally.  We understand and have embraced,  ok kinda,  reluctantly, embraced our new way of living, at least for now.  What hasn’t changed is us a people.  If we were jerks before the pandemic,  well now that’s just got amplified.  If we were mostly optimistic,  we still are.  Crisis only reveals who we are,  it doesn’t create a new personality. So as I, reluctantly, stay home,  cook more, eat more, watch more news, I am working tirelessly on staying resilient.  It’s what I have been writing about,  presenting on and podcasting about for years. 


This series will cover all the aspects of what it takes to actually be more resilient and healthy in 2021.  We will explore how we can push the RE-SET button on our lives,  learn to RE-ENERGIZE our bodies, minds and spirits, and look at how (if you want) we can RE-INVENT how we want our experiences moving forward.  Spoiler Alert,  this will require some work on your part.  Just reading about it will only be as good as the glass of wine you are sipping on as you read this article.  It feels good for a while,  and then it all goes down the toilet.

So where ever you are right now.  STOP and take a big breath in,  fill your lungs till they touch your stomach.  Let that breath out slowly.  This will slow down your racing heart,  fuelled these days by fear and frustration.  Two more times,  just do it.  What’s really important for a Re-set is to create space (literally) for it to happen.  So yes we are starting with a slow and steady declutter.  I have started this and I have a long way to go, but I am committed.   Decluttering is so awesome, it’s almost arousing.   Settle down,  I’m 60 now so I will take any bit of excitement in my life. Have a look what I got accomplished last week.

Told you, it’s very satisfying to start to declutter.

So choose a drawer,   closet,  boot room, your closet (that’s next for me),  hell your purse or car. Just take a step in the ‘creating space’ direction and let start a RE-SET REVOLUTION! 

If you are keen to de-clutter your office,  watch this great interview I did with Pro Office Organizer Connie Graff,  as she looks at the how but also the why we have clutter in our lives.  It’s a 20 minute lesson to help get you started.

Ask me anything.  And I’d love to see your declutter before and after photos.  Next week we will do a self-snapshot of where you are at right now.  With some ideas to move forward on your RE-SET 2021

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