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Nepal Girls and Women Education & Empowerment

Have you heard of the Canadian charity called Her International?

My approach to business is based on social responsibility. This is why I am an avid supporter of Her International, a Kelowna-based charity that empowers marginalized women and girls in Canada and Nepal, through education and sustainable community development.

What has been found are those of us who are happiest tend to also be those of us who contribute to our world and their communities. There is an increase in feeling better and giving something back.

In 2007, I signed on to help a friend who wanted to help women and girls in Nepal by getting the girls into school and providing education to the women. Hence, the “Scarf Lady” was born. For the past 16 years, I have sold scarves at every event I speak at, raising money to help marginalized girls and women in Nepal and Canada through Her International. My husband Kevin and I host an annual Golf tournament called Nine, Wine and Pie where we bring our community together to have fun, taste amazing Okanagan Wines and have a homemade Pie contest. Annually we raise over $80K to support our charities, and I proudly continue to sell scarves at all the events I speak at and have literally sold hundreds of thousands of scarves since 2007. Most people know me as “The Scarf Lady.”

This wonderful charity has given out over 3,100 scholarships to girls and educated 1,200 mothers in literacy and numeracy skills through a microcredit life skills program.

These programs are run very successfully and independently to date. As well, Her International has built a community center for the mother’s groups and to tutor the girls they support. They also built several classrooms for the girls to attend school and bought bicycles for them to commute safely to and from school. In 2015, they even helped build several homes destroyed from the massive earthquake.

Her International also supports girls in Canada. Needless to say, I am very proud to support this charity.

Want to find out more or make a donation?

Visit the Her International website for more information or ask me directly!