Take Linda Home With You


Breaking Busy

Finding Peace in the Chaos

If the statement “holy crap I’m busy” strikes a chord, then this book is for you. Have you ever wondered why being busy has become a badge of honor? A standard that we have all willingly bought into. And the truth is we are dragging ourselves through our days, trying to keep up and look like we ‘have it together’. Join me in Breaking Busy as we dive into:

  • How did we get so busy?
  • What being so busy is doing to us.
  • What will it take to step off the BUSY treadmill and find peace in the chaos.

Shift or Get Off the Pot

Simple Truths About Getting a Life

Has it been a while since you had a really good laugh? Does the word ‘spontaneous’ in your life only apply to the latest hot flash or hair loss?

Linda will not only get you laughing, she will help you find the answers to these three bold questions:

  • Are you doing the best you can, considering everything you have on your plate right now?
  • Are you on the Deferred Life Plan? Waiting for the energy to even try and stop procrastinating?
  • When was the last time you did something for the first time? No really, how old are your stories?

Quick Shift

The Busy Person’s Guide to Getting their Life Back

Has it been a while since you’ve laughed?

Are you shaking your head that another year is rolling along and you still haven’t done what you really want to do with your life? Does the word “spontaneous” in your life only apply to the latest hot flashes or hair loss?

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Meet Linda, the Scarf Lady!

In 2009, Linda started selling scarves to raise money to educate marginalized girls and women in rural Nepal. All scarves are made in Nepal. As a result, thousands of girls are now in school, and 1000 of mothers are in mother’s groups. Dozens of classrooms, a vocational center, homes, healthcare, and leadership programs have been created.

If you’re interested in buying scarves and supporting the HER International charity, contact Linda directly.

$25.00/scarf CAD