Tips for surviving (and enjoying) the summer

Quote: “A life without Love is like a year without Summer.” – Unknown

The heat is on, finally! And after the spring we’ve had it couldn’t have come a moment too soon.

Around here, surviving summer is a way of life! I am so grateful that my home has a pool. We get to dive in to cool down a few times a day. I know, I know, must be nice to be able to enjoy that luxury! And it is, let me tell you. But let me also tell you I worked hard for that luxury!

So what do you do to stay cool and comfortable when you don’t have a pool in your backyard? In preparation for the hot summer days ahead, I wanted to send out some simple tips on how to go about surviving summer like a pro. These six simple tips from this summer survival pro will keep you energized through the dog days to come.

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Six tips for surviving summer:


I’m not just talking about drinking water.

When you’re doing some serious labor or are outside in the sun for extended periods, your body needs more than just water. It needs electrolytes.

Don’t just buy everyday crappy sugary drinks from the local shop—head to the drugstore and invest in the good stuff that you find around the pharmacy section. Don’t stop there either! Mix it up with some ice and a few slices of your favourite citrus fruit, then imagine you are sitting on a desert island being fanned by George Clooney (you lost me there for a minute). Surviving summer is much easier when you’re hydrated.


If you’re not at a good fitness level, you have to be careful in the heat. Going outside and hauling mountains of crap for hours on end, or attempting a long hike in the heat that you know is too much for you, is just going to make you miserable and you aren’t going to feel when your body says “stop”.

Surviving summer means knowing your limits and taking appropriate shade and hydration breaks. Make a list of what you need to do and prioritize it.

Even if you are just outside socializing, be aware of how long you are in the heat. Don’t expose yourself to the sun for too long, and refer to point #1.


The main point of surviving summer is to just relax and have fun. So don’t forget to do that!

Spend lots of time just hanging out with friends who like to do the same things as you. It’s always good to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather, but there’s also nothing wrong with a night in with a board game and a bottle of chilled wine or three (again refer to point #1).


Surviving summer wouldn’t be possible without music. A good playlist can change the mood of any event. Throw on one of your favourite albums, depending on what you want your mood to be, or if you aren’t technologically-challenged like me, Spotify has great playlists, you just need to pick your artists and genre.


Surviving summer is all about avoiding clothing wherever possible. Run (or brisk-walk) for the hills if you get invited to a formal occasion!

I’ve seen people working outside for extended periods wearing neckties. It looked bizarre to me and I initially thought they were oddly dressing up for the occasion, but later found out the ties had a frozen gel pack to keep them cool around the neck. Genius! A simple Google search will help you find one.

Dress light and don’t be afraid of showing a bit of leg (even if it means you have to shave, ladies!). A good water fight also cools you down and gets you laughing, especially if someone is not expecting it. Although I have to be careful my hubby isn’t near any electrical equipment when I next surprise him.

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I’ve lost you now haven’t I? Shock and horror, I know, but drinking a lot on a hot day is going to wear you out and dehydrate you like nothing else. If there is no option other than a big tipple, then choose alcohol that has refreshing mixers, alternate with water, refer to point 1 and enjoy!

Realistically, these tips for surviving summer all pretty much involve common sense—if you do things that make your life easier, you are bound to start feeling good. But you’d be surprised how uncommon it can be!

And my final point for everyone this summer: Wear a hat and some sunscreen.

What’s your favourite thing to do during the summer months? Reply and let me know.

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